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Pokemon Snap Wii U: Price, Gameplay & What To Expect

Pokemon Snap


Pokemon Snap Wii U: Price, Gameplay & What To Expect

Not satisfied with the selection of games in Wii U? Fret no more, because Pokemon Snap is coming to Wii U on January 5.

What is Pokemon Snap?

Pokemon Snap is a first-person rail shooter game developed by HAL Laboratory and PAX Softnica. It tells the story of Todd Snap, a Pokemon photographer summoned by Professor Oak.

Furthermore, Oak enlisted his help to deliver good photos for his scientific findings. With his amphibious buggy named Zero-One, Todd roams around the island to take photographs of Pokemon in the environment.

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The game differs from other Pokemon titles. Here, players are tasked to take photos of the Pokemon instead of catching them. Gamers need to find and take photos of 63 different species including Pikachu and Jigglypuff.

After taking photos of Pokemon in the island, they can now take them to Professor Oak. Meanwhile, Oak judges the snaps based on pose, technique and size. Furthermore, he also checks on the number of Pokemon captured. He also adds extra points when the gamer captures a special pose. It is imperative to score well in the Pokemon Report in order to progress in Pokemon Snap. 

There are seven levels in the game. Players can explore the Beach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave, and Valley to take snaps. Furthermore, there’s a special level called Rainbow Cloud where gamers can find other species.

In the meantime, players are given special items so they can take better photographs. First, they are given a basic camera to take snaps in the wild. Secondly, players gain apple-shaped food to stun and attract Pokemon. Lastly, they are awarded Pester Balls that can be used to knock out Pokemon. This can also be used to force them to go out of their hideout. Other items such as the Poke-flute can awaken, irritate or hatch Pokemon. There’s a lot of special goodies that can be obtained as the game progresses.

Price and Wii U Supported Accessories

The single-player Pokemon game can be enjoyed with the GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, or the Classic Controller Pro. Pokemon Snap is now available for the original Wii for $10. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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