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Pokemon Stars For The Nintendo Switch? Speculations Rise Amid Game Freak Hiring

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Pokemon Stars For The Nintendo Switch? Speculations Rise Amid Game Freak Hiring

The possibility of a so-called Pokemon Stars game is being enhanced by new rumors. It appears Pokemon developer Game Freak needs members. This poses new questions: is this for Stars, or are we looking at something else?

Fans of the hit Pokemon franchise have been expecting a new entry as Nintendo launched its new Switch console. It would only make sense as Pokemon is indeed one of the company’s powerhouses. However, gamers may be dismayed to learn that they may have to hang out with Pokemon Sun and Moon a little longer.

This may have started the entire Pokemon Stars game rumor. Fans are not convinced that Nintendo will easily forget to add a Pokemon title to a new device. After all, this may also boost the Switch’s sales, which it needs as it is a newcomer in the gaming market.  

Pokemon Stars for the Switch

The new rumors for the Stars game came courtesy of Siliconera. The website reports of job listings created by Game Freak that needs people for an unannounced project. The project is also going to be for a console, probably the Nintendo Switch.

There are actually two job listings. Game Freak wants to hire 3D computer graphic designers for debugging and handling data. They are also in charge of creating “cartoon-like” characters, monsters and item models.

The second listing is for applicants into animation. Game Freak needs people with experience in animation and modeling using Maya software. However, the company also asked for those who worked on the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch to participate.

However, fans are more curious about the project’s nature. The team of a “globally-popular roleplaying game (RPG)” will be developing the game. It will also be an entry to a title that “just about anyone knows.” This inspired fans to make the connection between Stars and the Switch.

Potential Features, Specs

Interestingly, this can give an indication of just what the future game may feature. GameRant states that the Wii U and the Switch have touchscreen components. This may be a feature that the new title will explore. This is hardly indicative of a Pokemon-related game, as a touch-exclusive title seems a bit far from the usual Pokemon formula.

However, Nintendo did release Pokemon Duel, a mobile “collectible” game. The title is more of action figures fighting one another than “catching” monsters. In speaking of strafing from the Pokemon formula, Pokken Tournament is a fighting game version of the series. This means the Switch may very well have a unique title that features an aspect of the franchise away from its traditional “Catch ’em all!” mantra.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to make a response about the rumored Pokemon Stars game. Fans of the franchise can still play the hit mobile game Pokemon GO. In fact, it seems a new April Fools event  is underway for the phone-based title.

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