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Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime: Team Rocket Finally Beats Ash

Pokemon Sun And Moon anime
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime: Team Rocket Finally Beats Ash

In the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, Team Rocket finally beat Ash Ketchum — a feat which they had never accomplished in the longest streak of almost 20 years. Team Rocket, consisted of Jessie and James, the villainous team who aims for Pokemon exploitation, had hundreds of episodes in being the bad guys and had previously never won over the team of Ash, the main protagonist of the series. Now, they have claimed victory, and fairly at that.

First Win by Team Rocket

The first time Team Rocket won in the Pokemon series was when they won by chance or a change of heart. For instance, this is when they stole a child’s Yanma for it to be returned later in the episode. Now, Team Rocket has finally won not in the likes of any of these circumstances, but fairly. This happened in the official Pokemon Sun and Moon anime.

Team Rocket Wins Against Ash

How is it possible that Team Rocket has won against Ash in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime? Here is how it happened, according to Kotaku. Ash along with Misty and Brock went to the beach. Team Rocket had been called by head honcho Giovanni, who wanted to know the progress of the team and whether they have caught a strong Pokemon in the Alola region. The duo lied to Giovanni because they were still, unfortunately for them, unsuccessful.

This communication motivated Team Rocket to see what they could find nearby. James put on a scuba suit wherein the helmet is shaped like a Corsola, a roundish Pokemon with branch-like growths similar to coral. He then went for a swim. He came across a Mareanie, a starfish-like Pokemon with a purple body and tentacles that resemble hair. This particular Pokemon loves to eat Corsola. The Mareanie attacked James and his face turned purple, which caused him to look more like a Corsola. Later, the Mareanie fell in love with him.

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Ash fighting with his might against Team Rocket.
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Team Rocket challenged Ash to a battle when he arrived. The Mareanie who was now in love with James, fought against Ash’s Rowlet, an avian Pokemon. Mimikyu, whose body is almost entirely hidden under a veil, gave its all in fighting Pikachu. This time, Team Rocket really had the advantage and won without cheating in a good and clean battle. After the battle, Bewear grabbed James and Jessie out of the scene as per its usual ongoing gag in the anime. This all happened in the 12th episode of the newest season of the anime, set in the Alola Region as said in a report by Dorkly.

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