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Pokemon Sun And Moon Glitch Disrupts Friendly Competition – How It Works

Pokemon Sun And Moon
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/ProsafiaGaming account


Pokemon Sun And Moon Glitch Disrupts Friendly Competition – How It Works

Pokemon Sun and Moon are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak. Nintendo published the game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was released last year November worldwide, but as of late, its Friendly Competitions have been disrupted by a Quick Response (QR) glitch.

What is Friendly Competition

Pokemon Sun and Moon integrated a new feature in the game and this is the player’s ability to independently create and host their own online tournaments. Now that Pokemon Bank is already available, it updated the trainers and allowed them to create the so-called Friendly Competitions. These use the Global Link by Pokemon and are subsequently used in creating QR codes to be distributed to players. It may also be used to sign up for user-created public competitions with other trainers all over the world.

Players can create their own Friendly Competition in Pokemon Sun and Moon by logging into the Global link website. In the site, there is a Menu bar on the right side which drops down. By selecting “Friendly Competitions,” interested players are brought into a page where they can check out more online Friendly Competitions. Players can join them as well. Players scan the QR code to participate before and during the competition period. They can also host their own by selecting “Host a Competition.”

In scanning the QR code, players are supposed to complete their entry. When they visit Friendly Competition, they can scan a QR code displayed earlier to register a Battle Team. However, this does not happen because of the glitch.

Pokemon Sun And MoonPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

The Pokemon Global Link for creating or hosting a Friendly Competition.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/PhillyBeatzU account

How The Glitch Works

The glitch was caused by QR codes. Players who scan the QR codes to be able to enter and compete in the Friendly Competition are not able to participate at all. Therefore, they are removed from entering the competition before the event has even began. They have no chance of entering at all.

According to, Nintendo is aware of the glitch. They said that the remedy in the meantime is to not scan the QR codes. They are still presently investigating the cause of the glitch and are working to fix the problem.

Other Pokemon Sun and Moon Updates

In other news, the game is set to launch its next digital distribution event involving Charizard. According to, the first images from CoroCoro have been leaked. The fire and flying-type Pokemon won a poll and thus, CoroCoro will distribute a Charizard through a serial code in their March 15 issue.

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