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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Bottle Caps & How To Use Them

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Verlisify account


Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Bottle Caps & How To Use Them

Bottle caps are important in playing Pokemon Sun and Moon even though players are not aware of their function. Some players may avoid this item but the truth is that they all should learn how to utilize them. This item may not look like much but its worth is comparable to gold, especially in the aspect of doing hyper training. Follow this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to get to know better about bottle caps.

How To Use Bottle Caps for Hyper Training

If you are clueless about the use of these bottle caps then now is the time to unravel the mystery behind them with this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide. It is also now the perfect time to collect these items. It is thus essential to know that bottle caps come in two varieties, one in standard form which will boost one Individual Value (IV) to the maximum and one in gold which will increase all six IVs to the maximum.

These bottle caps are important in hyper training. Hyper training is when a trainer maximizes the full potential of his or her Pokemon.  Players need two things in doing hyper training: one is a level 100 Pokemon and second is, you guessed that right, bottle caps. Prepare your Pokemon and bottle caps and go to Hau’oli City Mall to meet Mr. Hyper to get you going with the training.

Pokemon Individual Value

After a successful turnout of the hyper training, players will be given an option of increasing the stats of their own Pokemon. A piece of advice from the reddit and YouTube user who showed the value of these bottle caps via a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide is to select a stat which is very hard to increase in a regular way and then max it out. A max out turns your Pokemon into something extraordinary with more IV. It is possible to use another Pokemon during hyper training too. But, you have to collect as many bottle caps as you can by going to Festival Plaza at the treasure hunt lottery areas.

Pokemon Sun And Moon GuidePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Verlisify account

In conclusion, bottle caps help you in hyper training. This will then result to increased IV of your Pokemon if used wisely. To know where your Pokemon stands in the IV race, check out this website to calculate its IV and follow their Pokemon Sun and Moon guide as well so that you can become the “very best”.

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