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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Farm For Beast Balls & Raise Postgame Difficulty

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Farm For Beast Balls & Raise Postgame Difficulty

Learn how to hoard Beast Balls in this Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide.

Beast Balls are a new type of Pokeball that first appeared in Pokemon Sun And Moon or Generation 7. Their purpose is specifically catch the new Ultra Beasts. While Beast Balls could be used like a normal Pokeball, it has a really low rate of catching normal Pokemon.

While the purpose of Beast Balls is obviously designed for catching Ultra Beasts only, masochist hardcore gamers looking up for a challenge could use them instead in catching normal Pokemon. Fortunately, there is also an in-game exploit that would allow players to horde as many Beast Balls as they want. Here is how it is done:

Get rid of all the Beast Balls you have right now

It might sound off, but this is the first step in hoarding what could be considered as an infinite supply of Beast Balls. Get rid of all Beast Balls in the inventory right now. But instead of selling them or through other means, hand them to all the Pokemon in your party.

To do so, open your in-game PC, proceed to the items tab, pick a Beast Ball, and select a Pokemon who would receive it.

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Look for Looker

The police officer is back from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This time he is investigating the Ultra Beasts. He would also serve as the source of your life time supply of Beast Balls. Looker first makes an appearance in this incarnation of the game after the player becomes the Champion for the first time around. He could be found at the hotel in Route 2 and also in Route 8.

Proceed to him, and talk about the Beast Balls. He would give you 6 free Beast Balls if your inventory happens to be currently devoid of them. Rinse and repeat the entire process to earn as many Beast Balls as you need.

While Beast Balls aren’t really that hard to find in-game, nothing beats an infinite free supply of anything.

This Beast Ball hoarding exploit has also been confirmed at the International Business Times. Meanwhile, iDigital Times had also reported on catching Ultra Beasts.

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