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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Claim Battle Points From Battle Of Alola

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Claim Battle Points From Battle Of Alola

Had a good time playing Battle of Alola? Now, it is time to claim the 50 reward points from playing the game. Here is a Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide on how to download it and where it can be used.

Battle of Alola details

The recently held Battle of Alola was the first online battle competition for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The registration only went on for four days starting 12th of December and the battle commenced on the 16th of December until the 18th.

The competition basically involves players battling with other players online with a full team of six Pokemon. The only Pokemon that were available to use were the ones in the Alolan Pokedex, according to a report by WWG.

The battle did not offer any prizes for the winners but it did give bragging rights. On top of that, 50 reward points are given to game players who played three battles throughout the competition. Those who did not reach three will not be eligible for the said points. It is also to note that the players do not need to win the three battles to avail the reward.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to download the 50 reward points

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Image Source: Youtube/BeardBear

The 50 reward points may not be a lot but it is still currency that can be used to spend on the Battle Royal and Battle Tree shops. According to a report by iDigital Times, these points can be used to buy Power Items and Destiny Knot that help with breeding. Players can also purchase Mega Stones if he or she has a Pokemon that can do Mega Evolution. There are many more Battle Items that these reward points can buy that can make Pokemon Sun and Moon playtime more enjoyable.

Here is how eligible players can download the 50 battle points:

  1. Sign in to Global Link
  2. Go to the Battle of Alola website where a code will be shown.
  3. Start the Pokemon Sun and Moon game and head on to the Mystery Gift function
  4. Input the code retrieved earlier onto the “Receive Via Code” page
  5. Visit any Pokemon Center to speak to a man in yellow and blue shirt
  6. Receive the 50 Battle Points.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon Sun and Moon guides and the announcement for the next Battle Competition.

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