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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Easily Catch Shiny Pokemon In Poke Pelago

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Easily Catch Shiny Pokemon In Poke Pelago

Players of Pokemon Sun and Moon are going crazy over catching all the Shiny Pokémon spawning in the island. These creatures are a dime a dozen, usually set with specific moves in order to catch one. Here’s a comprehensive Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide on how to catch Shiny Pokemon.

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Shiny Pokémon Spawn At Poke Pelago

This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will surely help players catch a Shiny Pokémon. Poke Pelago consists of a cluster of islands that appears after the Kiawe’s trial. Isle Abeens is the first island that will appear.

Level up the island via catching 30 Pokémon in the PC Box. It is important that the gamer acquires 90 Poke Beans as well for the upgrade to work. Use as much Poke Beans as bait as you can to attract more Shiny creatures in the area.

Patience Is Key

The Shiny Pokemon usually appear to eat a Poke Bean placed in the island cart near the tree. In this Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide, it is mentioned that gamers were lucky enough to catch Shiny creatures when they followed this method religiously. The long wait may test the player’s patience.

Log out and then log back in again to check if any of the creatures took the bait. There is a possibility that this method will not work in one go. It is essential to check in from time to time to see if there’s good catch.

How To Identify Shiny Pokémon

It is easy to spot a Shiny Pokémon from the rest. The Shinies have a different color compared to their usual species. If the description is not clear enough, the Shiny creatures usually make a sparkling sound when it shows up in battle. Stars will also appear temporarily.

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