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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Max Money & Happiness

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Max Money & Happiness

Learn how to earn infinite money and max happiness in-game in this Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide.

It is actually possible to earn infinite money and max happiness without resorting to hacks and cheats. However, doing so the normal way would require a lot of time and effort. It is actually possible to do the above without being troublesome with the help of a little exploit that could be done to the system of the game. Remember, it isn’t really cheating if it doesn’t involve hacking.

How to earn infinite money in-game

While the procedure is somewhat time consuming, earning infinite money is always better over having little money any day. Besides, it would save more time in the long run as opposed to having to collect huge amounts of money whenever needed.

The initial investment required for this is 2,000 coins. Also take note that this is only possible once the player has access to Akala island.

  1. Head to the Thrifty Megamart. It’s right next to the Battle Royal Dome for those who can’t seem to find it.
  2. Buy 10 Pokeballs from the cashier girl near the entrance. Doing so earns one free Premiere Ball.
  3. Exit the store. Go back inside, then sell what you’ve just bought and acquired from her. (The 10 Pokeballs and the free Premiere Ball)
  4. Rinse, repeat. Do numbers 2 to 3 again and again until one acquires their desired amount.

The actual trick behind this is that the player acquires a discount coupon every time they enter the shop. This has also been observed in the iTech Post.

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How to max happiness in-game

Take note that this only works on Pokemon who mainly rely on happiness to evolve, like Pichu and Munchlax, as also posted on the Games Radar website.

  1. Acquire any two TMs they could learn.
  2. Make them learn one of the acquired TMs.
  3. Replace the first learned TM move with the other one.
  4. Rinse, repeat.

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