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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide On Acquiring Mew Via Pokemon Bank

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide On Acquiring Mew Via Pokemon Bank

The Pokémon Bank is here! The update finally made its way to Sun and Moon gamers. Fans are ready to move their Pokémon over this new brand spanking new feature, which includes the original Red, Blue and Yellow games equipped with rare Hidden Abilities. Ready to catch Mew? Take a look at this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide on how to catch this elusive creature. A word of caution though, this is a glitch and may affect the player’s status in the future.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide On How To Get Mew

A Reddit user named TransgenderPride discovered a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide on how to get Mew into Pokémon Bank. The glitch lets players acquire the creature. Furthermore, a user named Crystal__ posted another method.

This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide allows Mew to be moved to the Pokémon Bank. Moreover, it requires using the Mew glitch. First, use Missingno in the game, a random glitch character in Pokemon Red and Blue. This includes a complex code execution, that lures an unofficial Mew into the Pokemon Bank. Gamers can get “X Special” items by trying this trick. Furthermore, it discards a large number of them in a random order. Secondly, the method requires players to obtain “8F” — which is a glitch in itself. Once done, players need to set up the group in a certain order, which includes their bags. Aside from Mew, Pidgey should be included in the party. If the glitch is done successfully, Mew will move between the Game Boy title, into Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

The video at the bottom of this page gives players a visual walkthrough on how to get the rare Pokemon. However, The Pokémon Company is stopping users from moving glitch Mew in the Pokémon Bank. Gamers are strongly warned to use these tricks with caution because this may result to being banned in the game. Go to TransgenderPride‘s walkthrough on how to acquire Mew in Reddit. Meanwhile, Crystal__’s walkthrough can be found here.

Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Bank are now available on the Nintendo 3Ds. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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