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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Acquiring Mewtwonite For Free

Pokemon Sun and Moon
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Acquiring Mewtwonite For Free

Pokemon Sun and Moon players will have a chance to power-up their Mewtwos with‘s giveaway. A giveaway, consisting of one Mewtwonite X and one Mewtwonite Y, has surfaced, allowing trainers to mega-evolve the said Pokemon. Here’s a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to claim the said giveaway.

In order to obtain the free Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y, they have to follow certain steps to activate the special code given. According to CrunchyRoll, the said code consists of “M2DESCENT” and it must be entered into the game. Those who do not know how to input the special code can follow this guide by IGN:

  1. Trainers must first select Mystery Gift on the main menu of either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.
  2. Then, select Receive Gift. Select Get with Code/Password, then Yes, and then Yes again to connect to the Internet.
  3. Enter the code “M2DESCENT”
  4. Trainers would then trigger a scene where a Mega Stones would be given to them.
  5. Trainers can pick up the Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y in any Pokemon Center in the game.
  6. Save the game after receiving the Mega Stones.

After receiving both the Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y, trainers can simply use them by allowing Mewtwo to hold either before a Pokemon battle. Mewtwo can only hold one Mega Stone at a time so Mewtwonite X would change him into Mega Mewtwo X while Mewtwonite Y will change him into Mega Mewtwo Y.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Catching Mewtwo

Ordinarily, trainers cannot catch the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo in both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Instead, they can use the Pokemon Bank in order to transfer the said Pokemon caught in a different version of a game.

This would transfer Mewtwo, caught outside of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, into the main game. The legendary psychic-type Pokemon would still retain its original stats, moves, trainer, and Pokemon I.D.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Mega Mewtwo X vs. Mega Mewtwo Y

While both Mega Evolutions came from the same Pokemon, each has their own strength depending on the battle style of its trainer. They have noticeable differences in some of their stats, making each useful in certain situations.

Mega Mewtwo X has a higher attack and defensive stats compared to Mega Mewtwo Y. This means that Mega Mewtwo X can dish out insane amounts of damage with physical moves.

Meanwhile, Mega Mewtwo Y has a higher special attack, special defense, and speed than Mega Mewtwo X. It can deal more damage when using non-contact attacks where the original Mewtwo first specialized.

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