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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Breeding: Hatching Eggs, Hidden Abilities & More

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Breeding: Hatching Eggs, Hidden Abilities & More

Catching Pokémon is one thing, but to be the very best, breeding and training them is essential. The Alola region in Pokemon Sun and Moon is filled with Pokémon waiting to be trained and bred. Here is the ultimate Pokemon Sun and Moon guide on how to hatch eggs, breed, explore their abilities and more.

Training and breeding Pokémon is important in order to level up. Moreover, players can tweak the abilities and increase the chances of catching shiny Pokémon when they train them, which can’t be easily obtained by simply catching one.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, trainers can keep their Pokémon in a Nursery. The Nursery can be found in the Paniola Town on Akala Island. Once they are left there, the creatures will retain the same ability they had when they were first caught. Unless, the player decides to train them to get new abilities.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Catch And Hatch Eggs

In this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide, trainers can explore how to catch and obtain eggs. First, get a Fletchinder that is powered with the Flame Body ability. The weapon can be found in Route 8 of Akala Island. The Flame Body will let the players hatch eggs faster when it is activated.

Second, attempt to achieve Champion level before leaving. Once done, go to Game Freak’s office located at Heahea City. Pokémon designer Shigeki Morimoto awaits there to fight. Once the trainer wins the battle, Morimoto will give an Oval charm. The item will increase efficiency in hatching eggs.

Using Tauros will also help in lowering the time needed to hatch eggs. Simply use the Poké Ride feature, press down B for the Pokémon to run. The Tauros and Oval charm together can hatch eggs in a minute.

Leaving two Pokémon of opposite genders in the Nursery will also earn eggs. It’s the same as leaving two egg groups and a Ditto in the same area. The woman outside will give the trainer an egg.

Male Pokémon can pass their Poké Balls now compared to the sixth generation. Furthermore, there’s a 50% chance that the female or male will pass it when the trainer breeds the same species. Even more, Ditto always lets the trainer inherit the Poké ball regardless of gender.

Eggs Hidden Abilities

The Ally Chain method is the trick in finding the hidden abilities. Summon more to increase chances of getting Pokémon with hidden abilities. Meanwhile, the Adrenaline Orb found in Route 1 at Melemele Islad will increase the chances of starting an S.O.S battle. Use the Skill Swap to check first before catching the Pokémon. Breeding it will also pass the hidden ability to the offspring.

Pokémon Individual Value Guide

The most complicated part of breeding is the individual statistics, also known as IVs. Three types of statistics are passed by the parent to the child. These IVs can be traded by using Power Items. Here is a guide to know which Power Item to use depending on the IV that the trainer would like to trade with:

  • Anklet – Increases trainer’s Speed statistics
  • Band –Increases trainer’s Defense statistics
  • Belt –Increases trainer’s Defense statistics
  • Bracer –Increases trainer’s Attack statistics
  • Lens –Increases trainer’s Special Attack statistics
  • Weight –Increases trainer’s hit points

However, all the power items reduce speed. In case the trainer encounters a Destiny Knot, they can pass on 12 of the statistics to the child, which is a whopping number compared to the power items. The first seven statistics can be selected while the rest are randomized. Just head on to the Battle Royal Dome to find the items.

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