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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Catching All Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Catching All Rare Pokemon

Want to catch the rarest of Aloha Pokemon? This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will help you immensely in this regard. Catching regular Pokemon is quite easy in this game, but the exclusive legendaries are the real prize.

This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide helps you get hold of the Ultra Beasts. You should always meet international police officer Looker at the specified motel for missions, as he will be your source leading to such Beasts in the game.

This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide states that Nihilego can be found at the Wela Volcano on Akala Island or Diglett’s Tunnel. After the first Ultra Beast, you can find Buzzswole at Melemele Island’s Melemele Meadow. There are two beasts that have to be caught.

More Ultra Beasts to Catch

Tech.Mic reports that Pheromosa can be captured at Melemele Island’s Verdant Cave. There are four beasts to snag while there are two Xurkitree Pokemon to be caught. The latter can be found at Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill on the Akala Island.

There are four Kartana Pokemon that can be captured in the Sun version. You will find them at Malie Garden on the Ula’ula Island and on Route 17. You will also find two Celesteela Pokemon in the Moon version. They are to be found on Ula’ula Island’s Malie Garden and Haina Desert.

Guzzlord, the last Ultra Beast, can be caught at the Poni Island Resolution Cave which is situated within the Poni Meadow. Once you’ve captured all the Ultra Beasts, you can move onto the Guardian Pokemon.

You will find Tapu Koko prior to beating the Elite Four in case you have sufficient luck. This Pokemon can be snagged in the Ruins of Conflict on Melemele Island. Tapu Lele is the guardian of the Akala Island and is present inside the Ruins of Life.

Tapu Fini is located at Poni Island’s Ruins of Hope while Tapu Bulu is found within Ula’ula Island’s Ruins of Abundance.

Some Other Rare Pokemon

There are several other rare Pokemon that you can easily catch. These include Cosmog, which can be found at the Altar of the Moon/Sun depending on your game version. You should go into the portal and straight to the platform top.

You can easily catch Lunala and Solgaleo since they are part of the core storyline. Meanwhile, Zygarde will lead you on a tiring quest of collecting Zygarde cells. The number of cells you gather will ensure the final form of Zygarde that you get access to. Collecting all 100 cells is ideal, but you can make do with just 10 or 50 cells.

Magearna can be caught once you beat the Elite Four champion. You only have to use the Scanner Function located at the bottom screen menu. This enables you to scan the QR code and obtain this rare Pokemon, according to Digital Spy.

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