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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Catching More Legendaries

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Catching More Legendaries

In this short Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, learn how to catch the Legendary Pokemon Cosmog and Zygarde.

How to catch your own Cosmog

The Cosmog of Lillie plays quite a role in the storyline. But, it is actually possible to own a Cosmog as well. However, this could only be done after beating the Elite Four. When Cosmog reaches level 43, it evolves into Cosmoem. Cosmoem could evolve when it reaches level 53, but the evolution depends on what version of the game you are playing. Sun players would obtain Solgaleo, while Moon players would end up with Lunala. The two Pokemon are the respective mascots for Sun and Moon. Here is how to catch your own:

After defeating the Elite Four and becoming a Champion in the game for the first time, Proceed to the Altar of Sunne or Moone, depending on the version you are playing. Take note that the portal only opens during the day for Pokemon Moon players. For Pokemon Sun players, the portal only opens at night-time.

Hop into the portal once it is open, then get pass the lake and continue climbing until you reach the top of the platform. Once you reach the top, a cutscene would play and congratulations! You now have your own Cosmog! Don’t decline the option to add it to your box or party after the cutscene.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide – How to catch a Zygarde

Catching a Cosmog is just a walk in the park. Zygarde, however, is one of the more troublesome legendary to catch. The difficulty in catching the dual-type Dragon and Ground Pokemon lies collecting the Zygarde cells. A Zygarde Cube is also required for collecting them Zygarde cells. Fortunately, you would be provided with the cube. While collecting only 10-50 cells is already good enough to create one, its best to make the most out of it and collect all cells.

The following locations contains Zygarde Cells. Take note that some are available only during the night or day:

  1. Melemele Island – 14 Zygarde cells
  2. Akala Island –  18 cells
  3. Ula’ula Island – 30 cells
  4. Poni Island – 28 cells
  5. Aether Foundation – 5 cells

After gathering sufficient enough cells, proceed to Route 16 for a special caravan in order to restore Zygarde. Congratulations, you now have your own Zygarde!

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