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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Mega Evolutions: Mega Ring, Mega Stones & More

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Mega Evolutions: Mega Ring, Mega Stones & More

Learn about Mega Evolutions and more, in this Mega Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide.

Mega Evolutions are a more recent introduction into the Pokemon series of games ever since Generation 6. For those who aren’t aware, they are still present in Pokemon Sun And Moon. However, this time around, Mega Evolutions are somewhat less prominent, unlike during ‘Pokemon X and Y‘ and ‘Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire‘.

Gameplay-wise, this had been done in order to focus more on the newly introduced mechanic ‘Z-Move’ to keep the game fresh. Plot-wise, it is probably to tone down the idea of too many Pokemon reaching the pinnacle of their evolution.

There are several Pokemon who could reach their Mega Evolution forms, which require Mega stones to achieve such. However, that isn’t always the case.

How to Mega Evolve Rayquaza

This Dragon Pokemon could Mega Evolve, but doesn’t require a Mega stone to do so. Here is how to make it reach its Mega Evolved form.

A Rayquaza simply has to learn a move called Dragon Ascent. And the good thing is, one doesn’t have to spend hours training to unlock the move. In order to learn the Dragon Ascent move, just head to Poni Island. From there, go to the Seafolk Village and drop by the PokeCenter. Speak with the old man NPC inside and viola!

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How to obtain a Mega Ring

The Mega Ring is an instrumental item in taking Pokemon to their Mega Evolution levels, as the Mega Stones themselves couldn’t be activated without it. To obtain the Mega Ring, the player must become a champion first.

Head to the Poni Island and proceed to the Ancient Poni Path in the northern part to participate in the Battle Tree. On the way there, Dexio and Sina would stop the player. After some conversation involving Mega Evolutions, a battle would commence afterwards. Beat Dexio and the Mega Ring is yours! Along with it also comes an Alakazamite, which is also required in order for Alakazam to Mega Evolve.

Participate in the Battle Tree for the Mega Stones

Most of the Mega Stones could be acquired by participating in the aforementioned Battle Tree and earning Battle Points. Battle Points are earned every time you participate and win in Battle Tree, as well as Battle Royal and Battle Royal Dome. The Mega Stones cost Battle Points instead of money, and could be purchased in the left side of the Battle Tree area. Just look for three girls and speak with the one to the right.

The methods and locations could also be confirmed at the Tech.Mic and iDigital Times.

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