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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Pokemon Bank: What You Need To Know

Pokemon Sun and Moon guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Pokemon Bank: What You Need To Know

You will find an extensive Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide for the Pokemon Bank here. Comprehensive details have been revealed about the Pokemon bank. There will be an update in January which will integrate the Pokemon bank into the game.

The bank currently supports Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It is also compatible with Pokemon Omega Ruby. The Pokemon bank in Pokemon Sun and Moon will be a little different from the existing ones.

This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will help you develop a better understanding of the same. Once you transfer any Pokemon into the 7th generation, there will be no transferring back. You will be able to see that Pokemon transferred from the 1st, 5th and 6th generations will be unable to return.

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More Insights on Pokemon Bank

As per the Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide, the game will take some time to get all Mega Stones from the 6th generation. There are only 16 Mega Stones currently available which can be garnered from the Battle Tree.

iTech Post reports that since the Pokemon bank will not allow for item transfer, all Mega Stones cannot be incorporated. However, Pokemon from the 1st generation will be able to come into the mix. The current Pokemon Bank will also be tweaked likewise.

There are doubts over how Pokemon will receive the remainder of generation IV attributes. Also, there are questions over the Pokemon bank’s ability to assess special aspects. These include inheritance, gender, shiny status and nature among others.

How to Download 

Prima Games reports that you have to download the Pokemon bank from the Nintendo e-shop. This download is absolutely free though the annual fee stands at $4.99. You can also download the Poke Transporter app once you get inside the Pokemon bank.

The Poke Transporter will come in handy whenever you want to integrate Pokemon from older games.

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