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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Second Global Mission

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Second Global Mission

Learn how to participate in the Second Global Mission in this Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide.

Attention to all Pokemon trainers, the Second Global Mission in Pokemon Sun And Moon is now up! The First Global Mission for Pokemon Sun And Moon was considered a failure. Players worldwide were only able to catch a mere total of 16,423,231 Pokemon, as opposed to the target 100 million Pokemon.

Having learned from their mistake, Game Freak and Nintendo vowed to set a more realistic goal for players. While the event was deemed a failure, all players who participated were still compensated with 100-200 Festival Coins. Unfortunately, 100-200 Festival Coins is a far cry from the promised reward of 2000 Festival Coins. So make the Second Global Mission a success by participating and spreading the news. Here is how to take part:

Event Details

These are the new mission details, as recapped at Serebii:

Task: Use Island Scan to capture or defeat 1,000,000 Pokémon
Duration: December 27th 2016 04:00 UTC – January 9th 2017 23:59
Reward: 2,017 FC (Success), 217 FC (Failure) – If the game is tied to a Global Link account: 4,034 FC (Success), 434 FC (Failure)

Take note that players only have until January 9, so players should try to participate in this event as soon as possible.

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Get your QR Reader ready

The QR Reader is required in order to take part in the event. Or more specifically, the Island Scan. The Island Scan would allow trainers to detect rare Pokemon all across Alola! To unlock the Island Scan feature, trainers should have at least used their QR Reader 5 or more times. The QR reader requires specifically 100 points.

Common Pokemon = 10 Points

Special Pokemon = 20 Points

So it would be five common Pokemon, or three special Pokemon. It could also be a combination of two special Pokemon + one common Pokemon, or three common Pokemon + one Special Pokemon. There are also five special QR codes for those who haven’t unlocked the feature yet.

Trainers should speak to the mission attendant in-game to register their findings, and updates on how the event is currently doing.

It is still worth participating in the event regardless, even in the worst case scenario that it wouldn’t be a success. Pokemon trainers would still receive 217 Festival Coins as compensation. After all, you don’t have to blame yourself if ever the event fails again.

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