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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Top 5 Rarest Alolan Pokemon

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Top 5 Rarest Alolan Pokemon

Curious what are the Pokemon needed to complete the Pokedex? Here is a comprehensive Pokemon Sun and Moon guide of the five rarest Pokemon in the Alola Region.


This Pokemon is one of the hardest to catch. Salamence lurks at Melemele Island particularly in Route 3. Upon crossing the bridge, a Bagon can be found with a 1% encounter rate by the patch of grass.

Next, use the Bagon during the SOS chaining method. Here, the Bagon will call Salamence for help. However, players need to repeat this process until the Pokemon appears because there is a 1% encounter rate.

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Having a Salandit will give the trainer more chances to find the Salazzle. The Pokemon evolves into a Fire/Poison type Salazzle.

However, there’s a catch. It will only evolve if the Salandit is a female. There is a 12% encounter rate in finding the Pokemon.


The third rare specie in the Pokemon Sun and Moon guide is the Mareanie. Toxapex evolves into Mareanie, one of the rarest Pokemon that can be found via an SOS battle.

It is essential to find a Corsola first to make Mareanie appear. To do this, fish on bubbling patches in the ocean. In addition, fishing at these specific patches will increase chances of finding a Corsola to 20%.


This Pokemon can morph into its Fire, Water, or Ice form depending on the weather. Castform is the hardest to catch because there are certain weather conditions that should be met for it to appear.

Lurk at the following spots to find the rare Pokemon: Route 117, Exeggutor Island, Lush Jungle, Haina Desert, Tapu Village, and Malie Garden. Moreover, Castform can be summoned via an SOS battle.


This Pokemon appears in one location only. Head to the Seafolk Village, where trainers can fish at the bubbling spot.

There is usually a 1% chance of acquiring this specie in the village. At the bubbling spot, the chances of finding Dhelmise is increased to 10%. Just keep on trying until Dhelmise appears at the fishing spot.

It is essential to bring a lot of patience and perseverance while using this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide. The species mentioned may not appear in one go. It is essential to try and try again at the mentioned locations until these Pokemon appears.

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