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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Villain Lusamine

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Villain Lusamine

You can now reap the benefits of a comprehensive Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide towards Lusamine. For those not in the know, Lusamine is the main villain in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, this was not unearthed till one delved a lot deeper into the game.

This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will help you understand more about Lusamine. The main villain is the one binding the entire storyline together. In case you have not started playing Pokemon Sun and Moon yet, there are spoilers in store!

How Concept Art Paved The Way

A Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide itself can be unearthed from Paul Ryan and his account on Twitter. Ryan is a Poke Shopper owner and posted exciting concept art recently. Several concept designs detailing Lusamine have been posted now.

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Cinema Blend reports that there is also another picture portraying the villain holding a case tightly against herself. This is the special case which was used for locking the Pokemon Nebby away. There are images showing the working mechanisms of the case as well.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the case was tailored to restrict Nebby the Cosmog. This was majorly because Cosmog could transform into either Lunala or Solgaleo. The box, as seen from these illustrations, may be handy for containing Pokemon.

More on the Box 

Additionally, the points present on the box are seen to light up and keep glowing in a blue hue. This is when the box is activated. The lights fade and dim out to black when the box is empty. The box is seen towards the end when Lusamine comes out with a revelation. There is also talk of Lusamine being secretly tested to become an Ultra Beast, according to the International Business Times.

Lusamine wishes to open the wormhole for tapping the Ultra Space world. She also wishes to let loose the Ultra Beasts. The box may then be used for containing the Ultra Beasts. The box is also witnessed at the Aether Paradise isle laboratory where Nebby was captured by Lusamine.

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