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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide & Walkthrough For Best Festival Plaza Facilities

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide & Walkthrough For Best Festival Plaza Facilities

This Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide would assist in determining which shops in the Festival Plaza could be quite beneficial in the gameplay. For players that are unaware, the Festival Plaza could be accessed just from the X-button menu. It is available as soon as a player had accessed a Pokémon Center for their very first time in the game.

Players added to one’s StreetPass could also appear in the Festival Plaza, as well as other players from around the world whenever a player connects online. This makes it possible for players to send invites to other players to accompany them in missions.

Treasure Hunt

Perhaps the best lottery available in the game, the massive payoffs makes it really worth the time and trying it out. One has a chance to obtain a golden bottle cap in Treasure Hunt, unlike in the Gold Rush and Big Dreams which don’t even cough out bottle caps. However, winning a golden bottle cap still isn’t easy and requires some gambler’s luck. Still, one has a better chance of obtaining them here.

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Fortune-Teller Tent

While this is seemingly useless at first sight and a bit costly on Festival Coins (FC), it may actually be used to rack up some FC. Stock up on FC first before attempting a fortune telling. If one is lucky at the time, a “very good” fortune means four times the FC gained.

Rare Kitchen

Useless early on in the game, the player should at least take their Festival Plaza to level 30, and ensure that they had already beaten the Elite Four at least once, as recommended in the iDigital Times website. Acquire the rare dinner, which could boost Pokemon into near max levels.

Free Daily Festival Tickets

One could surely acquire up to three festival tickets daily, and for free. As mentioned in the Thonky website, just speak with the Dancer located in the south castle entrance.

That sums it for now for this short Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide.

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