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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where & How To Catch Guardian Tapu Pokemon

Pokemon Sun And Moon
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where & How To Catch Guardian Tapu Pokemon

Find out where the Tapu Guardian Deities in Pokemon Sun And Moon are, and learn how to catch them all! Ever since generation two, the existence of sub-legendaries had become a staple for every Pokemon game ever since. In this iteration of the game, they are none other than the Four Guardian Deities.

The Four Tapu Guardian Deities of Alola are found in four different islands. But before you attempt to catch them all, you must first already be the Alola champion. Each of them are also at level 60. So stock up on Ultra Balls, and further train your strongest Pokemon to their peak before attempting to challenge any of them!

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Tapu Koko:

Type: Electric / Fairy

Location: Ruins of Conflict

No need to specifically visit it, as after you defeat the Elite Four, a cut scene would occur involving Lilie where you would be taken directly to its location. Touching the status in the ruins would trigger the battle. You could actually catch it if you could defeat it at this point in the game, or come back later after a rematch with the Elite Four. It is also to possible to catch another one if you could defeat it for the first time.

Tapu Lele:

Type: Psychic / Fairy

Location: Ruins of Life

You’ll need a Machamp ride to reach the Ruins of Life.

Tapu Fili:

Type: Water / Fairy

Location: Ruins of Hope

Similarly, you’ll need a Machamp ride again to reach Tapu Fili.

Tapu Bulu:

Type: Grass / Fairy

Location: Ruins of Abundance

This one is the hardest to obtain because of the maze you have to go through. Head to the Haina desert and you must reach its deepest part in order to get there. The old man NPC before you head into the desert is giving you a hint. It’s actually for the directions: head Up, Right, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up.

Congratulations! You have obtained all the Tapu sub-legendaries. EuroGamer has also posted a detailed guide in their website. Detailed information regarding the Tapu Pokemon themselves can be found in the official Pokemon Sun And Moon website.

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