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Pokemon Sun And Moon Mega Stones Event: What Are Mawilite & Beedrillite

Pokemon Sun and Moon
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Mega Stones Event: What Are Mawilite & Beedrillite

Nintendo revealed how it will divide the missing Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Take a look at the details here.

Mega Stones Mawilite And Beedrillite

These Mega Stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be handed out as presents to those who join the Online Competitions. These include the 2017 International Challenge February competition, which will give away Mega Stones for Mawilite and Beedrillite. According to reports, a “limited amount of players” will get the code ahead of a one to two-month wait period, just in time before other Sun and Moon players are sent the Mega Stones code. Furthermore, players will receive codes for the stones through various events and online postings. The waiting period hasn’t been announced.

The distribution of these codes will depend on the Mega Stone. Some players can expect the same order of distribution for the codes throughout the competition. Mega Stones can be used by a number of Pokemon during battle. When held, it turns them into ultra powered-up versions of themselves. Once the stone is taken away, they revert back to normal. The mechanic was first seen in Pokemon X and Y and was also made available in other games such as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


A Mawilite allows Mawile to Mega Evolve into Mega Mawile. Have the Pokemon hold the stone so it can evolve. Its jaws transform to steel horns, which it uses to bite opponents in battle. The Mawile’s foes underestimate its appearance, which the Pokemon uses to its advantage.  


The Beedrillite can be obtained in Sea Mauville. The Mega Stone helps the Beedrill transform into a Mega Beedrill.

Beedrill is an insect-like Pokemon that resembles a very large wasp. However, Beedrill only has four limbs, with the front limbs featuring two large stingers. A third stinger can be seen on its tail end. The shiny version of a Beedrill is colored light green with blue eyes instead of red. This Pokemon is aggressive and collectively attacks people.

In Sun and Moon, players can’t obtain all Mega Stones. For instance, Professor Sycamore’s assistant named Dexio gives the Mega Stone called Alakazite after winning at the Ancient Poni Path. Meanwhile, other Mega Stones can be bought at Battle Tree.

On the other hand, Red Pokemon take out all the Mega Stones for Starter Pokemon at the Kanto region. Just make sure to win against an opponent at the Battle Tree.

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