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Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Players Finally Complete 3rd Global Mission

Pokemon Sun and Moon
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Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Players Finally Complete 3rd Global Mission

Pokemon Sun and Moon players finally beat the third Global Mission released by Nintendo. This breaks a few months of bad luck for players. What did they do to conquer this challenge?

It can be remembered that Pokemon Sun and Moon players had quite a hard time beating the game’s new Global Missions. The game at the time released two missions, and players failed both of them. However, it seems this third mission that centered around the Global Trading System helped them bring the bacon home.

The first ever Global Mission required players to catch 100 million Pokemon, but to no avail. The second one tasked players to catch or defeat one million Pokemon using the Island Scan feature. Again, players failed this challenge. The third challenge seemed to be a scary one, but “third time’s the charm,” as Pokemon Sun and Moon players prevailed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Finally!

According to Game Rant, the third challenge involved players being tasked to trade one million Pokemon in just 14 days using the game’s Global Trade System. Interestingly, players did not just finish the mission, they did so in quite a record. Players were able to complete the challenge in just four days.

This means players had 10 days to focus on bonus objectives to grant them bonus rewards. For instance, if players can pass the two-million trade milestone before February 14, they will be rewarded with the Friend Ball. This increases the happiness of any Pokemon caught with it.

Of course, this begs the more important question: what took players so long? Why did players fail the first two Global Missions so far? It seems the problem is not related to the players’ cooperation or teamwork issues, but the game itself.

How Did They Do It?

According to Polygon, some players pointed towards the game’s Global Link feature itself. Players have experienced connectivity issues while trying to use it in-game, which may have prevented them from completing goals. Perhaps a more interesting aspect of the challenge is how players actually came together to complete the third Mission.

The Pokemon Reddit had a thread specifically for the Global Mission. The strategy, it seems, was to trade Magnemite over and over again. Players were suggested to reinvigorate the Magnemite Stock Exchange.

This was first popularized in Pokemon Black and White. Players can find Magnemite very easily in the Trainer School on the first island of Sun and Moon. Trainers are to set up a Magnemite for trade and ask for Magnemite in return. Then players are to search for players looking for Magnemites, and then they trade a second one for that player.

Interestingly, the concept is simple and fast. This also removes any worries from players of having a botched trade. The idea is to bulk trade Magnemite back and forth until the challenge is completed. Hopefully, players can come up with another simple strategy to beat the other challenges to arrive in a few months.

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