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Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: 1.1 Patch Fixes Z-Move & More

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: 1.1 Patch Fixes Z-Move & More

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon update has exciting news for fans. The 1.1 patch will easily fix several glitches which gamers earlier complained about. The patch release comes after it came to light that players did not realize a vital aspect.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon 1.1 patch will be introduced for the 7th generation games. This patch will require 296 blocks for downloading.

This will bring several improvements for Pokemon Sun and Moon players. The update will now ensure the Z-Parting Shot as a revived feature. The Z-Memento feature has also been revived in the online games on Battle Spot.

More on these two features

International Business Times reports that the Z-Power is used by Pokemon while the Darkinium Z is held. It can easily ensure the Z-Memento and Z-Parting Shot moves. The Z-Memento ensures lowering of the Special Attack and Attack by a single stage.

The Z-Parting Shot lowers both of these quite sharply. In the earlier game versions, glitches for both these moves led to crashes. Game Freak earlier removed these with immediate effect as a result.

The new patch enables the features again. Players can also use the same when it comes to online battles. The glitch impacting Rocky Helmet is also taken care of through the patch.

The patch comes with a solution for this glitch. This did not enable Pokemon to learn any move after evolving. This was earlier witnessed in the case of Confusion and Kadabra.

Digital Times also confirms that the 1.1 patch will bring several enhancements for players. The new patch will also make battle videos saved earlier absolutely non-viewable. The Z-Memento and Z-Parting Shot are still disabled.

More Details on Availability 

However, these moves will be available from the 17th of January, 2017. This will be at the opening of the Battle Spot 2nd Season. The release of the patch comes after a major revelation.

The Pokemon Company has earlier revealed that players were unsuccessful in achieving second global mission goals. Players have only managed to notch up 60% of the mission. This requires them to defeat or capture 1 million monsters. The Island Scan feature was required to be used in this case.

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