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Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: 1M Pokemon Trade For 3rd Global Mission

Pokemon Sun And Moon
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: 1M Pokemon Trade For 3rd Global Mission

Are you ready? The third global mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon has been announced and this month’s mission seems like another real challenge to take on.

The third global mission requires all trainers in Pokemon Sun and Moon to trade one million Pokemon by February 14. Trainers need to head to the Global Trade Station and access the online Game Sync feature. Here, they have to trade one million Pokemon in order to win 2,000 Festival Coins.

Participating in this mission can already win you 200 Festival Coins in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, a Friend Ball may be won if everyone reaches two million trades by the time the mission ends.

Are you feeling the pressure now? It seems like that’s exactly what The Pokemon Company is doing. The past two global missions didn’t do so well but the third one may probably be a little more achievable.

What Is A Global Mission?

A global mission is a feature in the game’s Festival Plaza. This is where players battle and trade Pokemon with other trainers. Missions involve tasks for registered players to hit a goal in a certain amount of time.

There have been two global missions so far in the game prior to the recently announced one. The first one was from November 29, 2016 to December 12, 2016 where the goal was to catch 100 million wild Pokemon. This didn’t go so well since only around 16 million were caught.

The second global mission was to find one million Pokemon using Island Scan. Again, the goal was not reached since only 661,839 Pokemon were found.

Hopefully, this third global mission will have trainers successfully trading around one million Pokemon by February 14. There are still two more weeks to go until the mission ends so if you still haven’t registered, you can still catch up.

Not A Hit?

As mentioned above, all previous global missions failed since no one seemed to reach the goal. Many factors can be found as to why these missions weren’t a success.

One, the bar may be too high. 100 million wild Pokemon was too much for the first mission. Not many could have achieved that record.

Another reason is that only registered players’ progress are counted. There could have been a player who reached the target challenge but it wouldn’t have been counted since he or she was not registered. In addition, more casual players are into Pokemon than registered players.

Hopefully, someone will succeed in this third global mission. 2,000 Festival Coins are at stake and that alone should be worth all the time and effort by February 14.

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