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Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Banned Again: What Happened This Time

Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Banned
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Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Banned Again: What Happened This Time

Pokemon Sun & Moon players banned? You read that right. Over 7,000 players have been banned yet again, and they will thus be missing out on all the fun that the game has to offer. But what happened anyway? After all, this isn’t the first case of players being banned by the game. To have such a substantial amount of players banned in the first place is all the more worrying, considering how popular Sun & Moon have become after their initial launch.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Banned: What Happened?

Recently, it was revealed that several players had been altering their save files. This is an apparent no-no by The Pokemon Company, and thus, such players have been penalized. The punishment in question involved banning the players from the game’s online features, which is considered to be a loss seeing as such features contain some of the game’s biggest qualities. With that on the table, the banned players will also be unable to participate in the game’s Global Missions as well.

Furthermore, players who have altered their save files will not be given any heads up prior to their ban. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be any escape route from being banned other than to purchase a new copy of the game.

As mentioned earlier, this wasn’t the first time players had been banned from Pokemon Sun & Moon. Thousands of other fans had been banned from accessing online features some months prior due to the same save file altering.

How To Avoid Being Banned

If players want to continue to enjoy their full access to the game, they must simply avoid altering their save files and exploiting the game any further. The fact that The Pokemon Company has been thorough with their bans just proves that this is no laughing matter to them. Should the issue escalate, there could even be a possibility of The Pokemon Company raising the stakes and pushing out even harsher punishments.

Pokemon Sun & Moon players banned from accessing the game’s online features should serve as a warning for others to pursue the game for what it has to offer and to enjoy it for what it is without any exploitation. After all, what’s the fun in the pursuit to “catch ‘em all” without any challenge along the way?

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