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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Golisopod: Stats, Best Moves & More

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Golisopod: Stats, Best Moves & More

This Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide introduces you to the underrated Golisopod and will also reveal to you how great a Pokemon the Golisopod is. Here are the best stats and moves for controlling a Golisopod.

Why The Golisopod?

Although the Golisopod appears to be one of the most physically-abled Pokemon due to its towering size, it may also appear as one of the most unpredictably harmless creatures in the game. In that reason, the Goliposod earns an undeniable popularity in the Pokemon Sun and Moon world.

However, despite its reputation, many trainers are strangely shying away from it. Most of the time, it ends up being the least priority in everyone’s to-capture list.  Eventually, the Golispod is partly to be blamed. It works with a peculiar battle move called the “Emergency Exit”.

Golisopod- Not What You Expect:

Although the Pokemon may make it sound like a coward act, it actually isn’t.  The Pokemon’s Emergency Exit ability, if harnessed well, is actually just another brilliant strategy.

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Dissecting The Power:

All-in-all, the Pokemon possesses a total of 530 base stats. During encounters likes battles and matches, the Pokemon is able to remain cool enough to gather strength and heal itself. It may appear lazy or unresponsive, leading to its Emergency Exit. But actually, it is withstanding the opposing force. If successful, it can retaliate with a force even stronger than its enemy’s. Having done this, the Golisopod  can most likely cause damage to its enemy.

However, a trainer can only be as good as his/her ability to harness the Golisopod’s stats and moves. This Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide surely comes in handy. Eventually, players can finally realize how amazing the Golisopod is.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide For Mustering The Golisopod’s Stats And Skills:

  1. The Pokemon appears to be a very strong creature. The trainer should include it in the Offensive Rain category.
  2. Player/Trainer should know the basics in controlling the Pokemon’s moves- Spikes, Liquidation, Leech Life, First Impression.
  3. Player/Trainer should firstly understand the Golisopod’s adamant nature.
  4. Player/Trainer should master harnessing the Pokemon’s 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Def at par with timing and control.

Here is a table showing the full Golisopod base stats.

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