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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Scoring Bottle Caps At Game Stores

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide To Scoring Bottle Caps At Game Stores

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Bottle Caps are used in Hyper Training particularly to amp up a trainer’s Pokemon. This raises the Pokemon’s stats to its maximum value. This is helpful for people who want a competitive battle with other Pokemon trainers. This is also helpful if the players want to play harder post-game content. The Bottle Caps are so rare so players should take advantage of picking one up. Get some tips with Bottle caps with this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide.

How To Score and Use Bottle Caps At Game Stores

In this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide, players are advised to pick up Bottle Caps by using a code card. Go to a GameStop and request a code card. The code card gives a silver Bottle Cap. After getting a code card, enter the secret code in the game to add the Bottle Cap to the inventory. Currently, Nintendo is distributing them in physical game stores across the globe.

In addition, this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide also advises players to use the bottle caps by going to the shopping mall at Hau’oli City and by talking to Mr. Hyper and trading it with him at the said place. The Pokemon that a player intends to strengthen should be at Level 100. Be reminded that the codes only work once per game. However, if they are kept unused, they still would not expire until May 13.

At What Stores Can Players Get Bottle Caps

In the US, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Norway, players may pick Bottle Caps at GameStop stores. In Canada, they can do the same by visiting EB Games. On the other hand, in Spain, players can claim the codes at GAME stores. Moreover, in U.K., particularly in France, the players can go to a Micromania store. In Mexico, players can get codes from GamePlanet. Lastly, in Belgium and Netherlands, players can obtain the codes from Game Mania. Codes should already work by now once players obtain them.

Pokemon Sun And Moon GuidePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Go to the mall to trade Bottle Caps with Mr. Hyper.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Verlisify account

Collect Bottle Caps via code cards now. The distribution in the UK will end on February 28. Most of the areas worldwide will end the distribution on March 5.


Players can also check Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Online while they are at a GameStop to check out promotions containing three Pokemon. A Pokemon TCG purchase of $11.95 or more will entitle a player to a code unlocking three Pokemon cards in the TCG Online game. These are as follows: a Pangoro promo card, a Stufful card and a Bewear card from the Pokemon TCG: Sun and Moon expansion.

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