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Premier League 2016 News: Top Scorers Contracts Leaked! Ronaldo Included

Premier League 2016

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Premier League 2016 News: Top Scorers Contracts Leaked! Ronaldo Included

The latest Premier League 2016 updates reveal the contract details of the biggest football stars. Le Soir, a local news site, has received the details of English Premier League players, Belgian stars and even Christiano Ronaldo!

Premier League 2016 news talks of how release clauses and other contract details have been leaked to Le Soir. Tottenham centre back Toby Alderweireld has a whopping €30million clause in his contract.

Sports Nova reports that several other contracts of Premier League 2016 players have been leaked. Roberto Firmino who plays for Liverpool, reportedly has a funny provision in his contract. This report states that Arsenal can never buy him out for his price or higher.

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More Such Leaks

Firmino currently has a buyout clause extending to 98 million euros. However, Arsenal will never be able to buy him. Chelsea paid around £28million for Eden Hazard in the year 2012 as per these leaked documents.

Le Soir has also revealed that the Spur’s goalie Hugo Lloris gets a win bonus of €8000. He also gets a bonus of €4000 in lost matches. The Spurs have officially commented that their players do not have release clauses.

Kristof Terreur, noted journalist and EPL expert, has opined that the journalist “won’t make it up”. He also talked of how “Le Soir have to clear it up” referring to the aftermath of these revelations.

The Biggest Leak of All

Pundit Arena has also reported how Le Soir has now leaked all these confidential documents to global media channels. However, Christiano Ronaldo was also mentioned in these leaks.

These reports have also revealed Ronaldo’s evasion of taxes. He has reportedly siphoned away a minimum of 150 million in a tax haven. This has been done since he has not declared revenue from his image rights.

As per the leaks, Ronaldo has directed three Caribbean companies to collect his advertising revenues. The Spanish treasury has also confirmed that investigations into the superstar’s assets will be conducted.

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