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Prey PC Gameplay & News: Here’s Why It Will Be Better Than Dishonored 2

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Prey PC Gameplay & News: Here’s Why It Will Be Better Than Dishonored 2

The latest Prey PC update has got fans really excited! This is quite natural since Arkane has confirmed that the PC version will be absolutely “flawless” at its launch. The makers are vouching for the lessons learnt from Dishonored 2.

The Prey PC version is expected to be way better than Dishonored 2 in terms of gameplay or other teething issues. While Dishonored 2 was a good game, it missed the bus on account of performance woes.

There would be frequent mouse stuttering problems and the game would even run at abysmally low settings. Several patches did fix many of these issues. However, the frustrations experienced by players on the day of the launch remain lingering memories.

How Will This Game Be Better?

As a result, the co-creative director at Arkane, Rafael Colantonio, has promised better experiences with the Prey PC version. There will be a flawless game waiting for players at the launch according to him.

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PC Gamer reports that Colantonio has confirmed that several lessons have been learnt from Dishonored 2. He has talked of how Prey will be much better since CryEngine is being used. Colantonio talked of how “double attention” is being paid towards creating a “flawless” version for PC this time.

He also confirmed that “more QA time” would ensure better quality this time round. VG 24/7 also reports that Prey will be a better game from Arkane. A new engine was made for Dishonored 2 according to Colantonio.

Some Other Details

However, the CryEngine is now being used in a different configuration. Being “an engine that has shipped things before”, it does lend an advantage. Arkane is now going all out to make sure that the game shapes up nicely.

Arkane is also being watchful since Prey is not a sequel to any hit game like Dishonored 2 was. As a result, this PC release could well be a massive improvement from the developer.

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