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Pros & Cons Of Nintendo Switch: Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Buy It

Nintendo Switch


Pros & Cons Of Nintendo Switch: Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Buy It

With the Nintendo Switch mere days from release, it’s high time we round up all the details and check: is it worth purchasing? Nintendo fans and gamers have been anxiously awaiting the device. After all, the latest Nintendo “craze” is slated to arrive in markets this week. However, before anything else, here are some things buyers should expect.

Every new console release means a hefty bit of scrutiny – both by gamers and industry experts. Given that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of its launch titles, and consequently, the Wii U’s last, it’s accurate to say that Nintendo is banking a lot on the Switch. However, the device seems to have more than meets the eye.

The Nintendo Switch can be bought in bundles starting at $299.99. It may be best to check with your local retailers for a full list of available packages. The device goes on sale on March 3 and comes with a handful of launch games which are detailed below.

Nintendo Switch: Basic Specs

It may be a reasonable assumption that for a device as ambitious as the Switch, it should be packing some serious firepower. The Switch is, after all, a hybrid console-handheld device. However, it seems even Nintendo’s fans are divided with the device’s specifications.

Tech savants can look at the full list of specs in Nintendo’s main website. Curious buyers can see some of the available peripherals and accessories here. Those who plan to purchase the device can expect the following:

  • The core Switch console and its dock.
  • A single Joy-Con controller set for the left and right hands, along with its straps and grip.
  • An HDMI Cable and adapter.

As a hybrid device, this means players can play the Switch while travelling and at home with a big screen. Unfortunately, one might cringe at the fact that the Switch costs $50 more than the average console. After all, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are currently available for $250. Regardless, playtests confirm that the Switch has a good “switching” system.

Nintendo Life explained players may get two and a half to six hours of battery life with the Switch in portable mode. This may be a bit lacking for players who want the full handheld experience. Granted, six hours can be hefty. However, for a device hyping a portable experience, it may not live up to expectations. Of course, Nintendo already hinted from the start that the Switch was geared to be a family console first.

What Makes It Good

Launch games are few, but post-launch titles are a lot. Others may say that the Nintendo Switch has a rather weak slate of entries with its release. However, Nintendo explained this is because they want to provide a steady stream of content for players every year. Players may read more about the launch titles from this article.

It has third-party developer support. Speaking of new entries, more than 70 third-party developers have announced support for the device. This means big names like Activision and 2K Games will give new titles for the device. Players can expect ports of games such as Skyrim for the Switch. This is a big move for Nintendo, as the company has generally been isolated from the so-called “console race.” However, it seems Nintendo is making a comeback.

It already has a ton of user-friendly features. The Switch will not be offering region locks for its games, meaning players can finally play any game, any time, anywhere. According to IGN, it has access to “online services,” which will be determined by Nintendo. Perhaps more interesting is its Parental Control option, which may allow parents to gauge content for children, and options for screenshots and videos. This may very well be Nintendo’s entrance into video streaming and eSports.

Disadvantages, Downsides

It has too many controllers. Although the Switch starts with bundles of $299.99, players who want the full experience may have to spill more funds. Getting a Pro Controller, which is needed for the casual console experience, will cost players $69.99. A second pair of Joy-Con controllers also cost $79.99 ($49.99 per side) – which is a must, as the Joy-Con pair with a Switch bundle is only for one player.

Its essential accessories are separate. For instance, players have to buy a separate $29.99 Joy-Con Charging Grip to ensure the wireless Joy-Con controllers are charged and can be used as a single controller. A dock set for $89.99 will have new sets of AC adapters, HDMI cables and another Dock. Racers will also have to buy a Joy-Con Wheel pair for $14.99 to play racing games like Mario Kart Deluxe 8.

Its memory is lacking. Unfortunately, this is in the literal sense. The Switch only has 32GB of memory, which is the same memory needed for games such as Dragon Quest 1 and 2. This means players have to buy microSD cards of larger volumes in order to install more games. This is quite a hassle as a lot of launch titles have hefty file sizes.

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