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PS Plus December 2016 Free Games Revealed! Invisible, Inc, Stories: The Path of Destinies Leaked

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PS Plus December 2016 Free Games Revealed! Invisible, Inc, Stories: The Path of Destinies Leaked

The PS Store has accidentally leaked Stories: The Path of Destinies and Invisible Inc. as part of their free games for the PS Plus December 2016 line up. The credits to the PS Plus December 2016 leak goes to redditor, GabrielWoods.

PS Plus December 2016 Leaked Game 1:

Stories: The Path of Destinies: is an action-RPG game where the player seeks the best ending amidst all 24 possible endings. But what really made the game interesting is the time rewind feature as a game mechanic. This feature allows the player to rewind time in-game during important points in the story. This mechanic is also part of the plot.

Comparable to what some players do whenever an RPG has a save anytime feature, but without all the hassle of multiple saves. Now, players could view all the endings of a game in one sitting. Instead of re-loading from their last save point.

The game was originally released April 12, 2016 simultaneously for the PC and PS4.

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PS Plus December 2016 Leaked Game 2:

Invisible Inc. offers a unique approach to a turn-based tactics game by incorporating stealth elements. This is what a combination of Disgaea and Metal Gear would feel like.

‘The Contingency Plan’ DLC is also expected to be included, being a console port of the game.

Invisible Inc. was first released May 12, 2015 for the PC and April 19, 2016 for the Playstation 4 port.

PS Plus December 2016 Leak on Reddit

A screenshot and details of the leak posted at IDigitalTimes further enforces this is least likely an elaborate hoax. Reddittor GabrielWoods posted a camera shot as evidence of the leak.

As December draws near, Sony would most likely release an official list soon. Stories: The Path of Destinies and Invisible Inc. would most likely be a part of the official PS Plus December 2016 free games line up.

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