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PS Plus January 2017: Full List Of Free Games

PS Plus January 2017


PS Plus January 2017: Full List Of Free Games

Sony revealed its newest lineup of games for PS Plus January 2017. A total of six games are listed for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Here is a rundown of the free games next month.

Day of The Tentacle Remastered

This zany cult 90’s classic from LucasArts is a sequel to Ron Gilbert’s phenomenal Maniac MansionDay of the Tentacle is a time travel, cartoon adventure game wherein three friends plan to stop an evil mutated purple tentacle from conquering the world.

Originally released in 1993, Day of the Tentacle is remastered for PlayStation. The hand-drawn artwork, and zany music and sound effects will make players fall in love with the game all over again.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered will be free on January for PlayStation 4.  Moreover, Sony added this title in its Cross buy collection for PS Vita.

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This War of Mine: The Little Ones

In search of something a little serious? This War of Mine: The Little Ones is in the list of PS Plus January 2017 free games. This title gives the players an overview of the harsh realities of war. The gamer is tasked to find shelter, food, medicine among other needs for a group of adults and children.

Furthermore, gamers can also craft toys for the kids to make them smile. In addition, the psyche and well-being of the people is in the players hands. Even though it may seem quite serious for an after-work gameplay, Sony gives options to cater to everyone’s needs.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones is available in PS4.


Looking for a racing game with no health, no brakes and no levelling? Look no further, because BlazeRush offers all that!

Rally a group of friends to play in multiplayer or local in this PS Plus January 2017 free game. Once done customizing the car of choice, just fire the engine and zoom through the race tracks.

BlazeRush will be free in January for PS3.

The Swindle

The Swindle features an anti-hero who hacks systems, takes cash, and flees once the police appears. Set in steampunk London 1849, the anti-hero is tasked to steal everything he can before the breakthrough surveillance technology, The Devil’s Basilisk, gets activated.

The Swindle will be free in January for PS3. Cross buy options for PS4 and PS Vita are also available.

Azkend 2

The Bejeweledesque world of Azkend 2 takes its gamers to challenging levels as they work their way back to civilization. Meanwhile, there are three game modes to cater to the player’s ability in solving challenges.

Furthermore, there are 20 powerups and a dozen achievements in the game. Players can choose which powerup will help make their journey quicker.

Azkend 2 will be free in January for PS Vita.

Titan Souls

Titan Souls is an action-adventure game that explores the world of the Titan Souls, who are the spiritual origins of all human beings. Players are tasked to defeat nineteen giants called Titans. While the Titans may be gargantuan and endowed with monstrous strength, the player is only given one arrow to defeat them. The game is loosely based on iconic titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Shadow of the Colossus, and Dark Souls. 

Titan Souls will be free in January for PS Vita. Cross buy options for PS4 is also available.

These titles will be free at the PlayStation Store as soon as the marketplace reloads on Tuesday, January 3. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech and more.

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