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PS4 Games: 2017 Console Exclusives List Confirmed

PS4 Games
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PS4 Games: 2017 Console Exclusives List Confirmed

PlayStation 4 fans may consider 2017 a big year for exclusive titles. In fact, there are a lot of PS4 games on the way to their devices. However, are any of them really good?

The rival between Sony and Microsoft for the crown of “Console King” has been going on for years. This is why console “generations” always has a PlayStation and a variant of the Xbox in them. This generation comes with their own set of exclusive Xbox One and PS4 games.

However, gamers ought to take note that the number of exclusive PS4 games do not necessarily guarantee quality. Here are some of the best exclusive entries out for release this year. Do take note that this list will not include titles that were released prior to this article’s release.

PS4 Games: The Most-Anticipated 2017 Releases

This list came courtesy of GameSpot, which highlighted 46 exclusive games this year. Fans may see the link for all the upcoming titles they may want to look forward to. However, these are some of the entries that can make a mark in 2017 as a gaming year.

According to Forbes, it may be useful for players to take note that some of these games do not have definite release dates. This means they may not actually be released in 2017. Interestingly, the teaser for some of these titles indicates a close launch date.

Dragon Quest Heroes II (April 25) will be the latest entry in the Dragon Quest franchise. It is the second installment in the Heroes series, which features a “Musou” rendition of the Dragon Quest games, which originally appeared in the Dynasty Warriors series. Players can choose from a myriad of classes and fight their way through countless enemies. The title features an option to transform and fight as monsters.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy  (TBA 2017) is the concluding chapter of the Uncharted series. However, Naughty Dog fans may find out that this special story does not feature protagonist Nathan Drake. This will, however, star fan-favorite Chloe Frazer. She will embark on a journey to find a mystical artifact known as the Tusk of Ganesha.

Shenmue III (TBA 2017) is the highly-anticipated third entry of the Shenmue series. The martial arts classic will continue Ryo Hazuki’s quest to find his father’s killer. However, it appears this game will have him travel from Yokosuka, Japan to Guilin, China.

Other Upcoming Games

The list below features remakes of some classic games. Players have been asking for remastered versions of these titles for a while, which may make this seem a dream come true. Interestingly, other gamers are concerned whether or not they may live up to their original version’s standards.

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy (June 30) is a high-definition collection of remastered Crash games. The Crash Bandicoot series is highly praised for its complex puzzles and dark humor. However, fans are wondering whether or not this is actually an indication of a future Crash sequel.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (TBA 2017) is another high-definition remaster of a classic Final Fantasy game. Fans of the franchise may consider FFXII as a black sheep. However, it was the title that marked Square Enix’s entry into real-time battles. This version of FFXII will feature a better class system for roleplaying game (RPG) fans.

Yakuza Kiwami (TBA 2017) is a remake of the first Yakuza game. According to Sega, the title will boast better resolution, textures and loading times. However, fans are hoping the entry will finally clear up some plot holes and inconsistencies with its story.

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