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PS4 Specs & Guide: Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

PS4 Specs
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PS4 Specs & Guide: Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

The PS4 Specs are perhaps the best when it comes to the Eighth generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation 4 also has some hidden features that only a few users know about.

The more advanced technology becomes, the more complicated it gets. Home consoles of the old days are as simple as plug and play. This is unlike home consoles these days, which are just as powerful as the most upgraded gaming PC’s. As the line between gaming PC’s and home consoles continues to blur, it turns out that the PlayStation 4 also has hidden features that only power users could discover. Learn what they are and make navigating on the PlayStation 4 easier.

PS4 Specs & Guide: The light bar on the controller could be used for motion typing

When the on-screen keyboard pops up, enable motion controls by clicking on the R3 button or right analog stick downwards. Afterwards, tilt the controller and using just a little bit of motions, hover over to the specific key that you want to press. To make typing even easier, use the square button as a backspace button. This makes typing on the PlayStation 4 using a controller more efficient.

Use your Smart Phone or Tablet as a keyboard

While the method above made typing with a controller more efficient, it isn’t as good as typing with an actual keypad or similar input device. If only one could use their smart phone or tablet for typing on the PlayStation 4. Actually, it is possible to do so! Just download and install the PlayStation App on your Smartphone or tablet.

Once you have done so, make sure your PlayStation 4 and mobile device are connected on the same Wi-Fi network. Proceed to the settings, then the PlayStation App connection settings and add your mobile device with the add device on the menu. Open the PlayStation App on your mobile device, tap ‘connect to PS4’, and input the code displayed on your TV screen.

Use your personal computer for PS4 Remote Play 

Remote play is actually possible. There are times when it is more convenient to play on the computer. To enable this feature, a file must be downloaded first. After downloading the file, proceed to settings, then remote play connection settings and enable remote play. Connect your PS4 controller to a USB port and launch the software.

Turn on the PS4 and TV at the same time

For really lazy people out there, or whose TV and console happen to be on an inconvenient location, this is possible to do so. Just enable the HDMI Device Link on the PS4 system settings and viola!

Save more power for your PS4 Controller

The PS4 Specs are definitely good, but the controllers consume a lot of power. It is actually possible to lower battery consumption of your controller by simply decreasing the light bar. To do so, turn on the console, hold down the home button, proceed to adjust sounds and devices, and set it to dim.

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