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PS4 Update 4.5: Boost Mode, Cinematic Mode Tweaks & More

PS4 Update
Photo screen grabbed from PlayStation EU YouTube Channel.


PS4 Update 4.5: Boost Mode, Cinematic Mode Tweaks & More

Sony announced that the next major PS4 update would contain the new Boost Mode feature and would add support for external hard drives. PlayStation 4 (PS4) Beta Testers already know what Update 4.50 would contain. Meanwhile, regular console owners will receive the updates tomorrow, March 9, 2017.

According to the PlayStation Blog, they codenamed the next PS4 update as Sasuke and it would contain other features other than those previously mentioned. The update would also have improved 2D images on the PlayStation VR, voice chat for Remote Play, off console availability, and PS Messages and Communities App Updates.

GameSpot reports that the Boost Mode would improve the quality and performance of game titles not yet patched to support the PlayStation 4. The next PS4 update would provide for a better frame rate stability, increased CPU speed, and shorter loading times.

PlayStation VR Update Increases Frame Rate

The PlayStation VR would have a better resolution of the system screen displayed when out of the VR mode. In addition to this, the Cinematic Mode on the PS VR would improve. Its frame rate would depend on the size of the screen so that update would increase them to 120HZ from 90Hz.

PS4 owners can turn on the Boost Mode once the update goes live by going to the System and then Settings. However, the new feature would not work on all the currently released titles and might cause problems with some.

Sony will add voice chat on Remote Play for the Windows PC, Mac or Xperia device. PS4 owners can turn their mic on and off through the microphone icon found at the Tool Bar of the said app.

PlayStation App Updates to Add Several Features

The company would also introduce an off-console availability app which displays PSN users online but away from their console. It would be shaped like a smartphone and it would provide communication like the current PlayStation App and PS Messages.

The PlayStation company would also update the PS Messages and PS Communities app both for Android and iOS tomorrow. They plan on adding several useful features that would make communicating with other PSN user easier:

  • When receiving a Party invitation on PS Messages, the user can respond with a quick reply “I’ll join later” or “Sorry, I can’t join.”
  • On the Communities App, the user can now check the PSN service status by going into the Settings and then “View Status of PSN Services.”
  • On the Communities App, iOS users can know by glancing if there are new posts in the community by taking a look at the badge app icon at the top-right corner of the app’s icon.

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