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PSN Holiday Sale Week 3: List Of Deals For PS4, PS3 & More

PSN Holiday Sale


PSN Holiday Sale Week 3: List Of Deals For PS4, PS3 & More

It is definitely Christmas season! For the past couple of weeks, gamers from around the world are given sales, discounts and amazing deals on games across all consoles. PlayStation users, aficionados, and fans are all excited as PSN Holiday Sale Week 3 is now live. It includes a long list of popular PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita games.

PlayStation 4 Deals

The PSN Holiday Sale week 3 holds the most amazing deals on games to date, probably because it is the week that will include the actual Christmas holiday. Gamespot reported some of the biggest games included in the sale: Overwatch for $40 dollars instead of $60; Star Wars Battlefront is currently selling at $10; one of the best shooter games Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy Edition is going for $60; Destiny: The Collection for $40, Grand Theft Auto V is now at $30 and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is selling at $11. Even Bloodborne is discounted at $8.

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Hitman is also part of the sale. The Intro Pack is at $7.50 and the succeeding episodes can be bought for $5 each. The complete first season, however, can be bought as whole for $30. One of the most awaited games to be part of the sale is Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 which is currently selling at $39.

PlayStation 3 Deals

Grand Theft Auto V is also part of the PS3 sale. The game itself will be going for $20 and with the Megalodon Shark Cash Card, it will sell at $44. The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise Pack was given a huge discount and is currently in the market for $15. There are four Star Wars PS2 Classics on the list all for $3.50 each: Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Racer Revenge and Star Wars Starfighter.

PSN holiday sale

Image Source: Grand Theft Auto V Facebook Account

PlayStation Vita Deals

There are only about 14 games included in the Vita deals but they nevertheless good ones. Metal Slug 3 is at $6 and Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness is at $16.

Check out the full list of games and their amazing discounts on the PlayStation Store website. The PSN Holiday Sale week 3 is not the only big sale this week as Microsoft’s biggest sale in Xbox Live will kick off on December 22.

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