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Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Meet Operator Mira – Abilities, Skills & More

Rainbow Six Siege DLC
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Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Meet Operator Mira – Abilities, Skills & More

Ubisoft finally revealed the latest operator for the Rainbow Six Siege downloadable content pack. The Rainbow Six Siege DLC officially introduces Mira. It appears her abilities are extremely practical in the field, provided they are used correctly.

The newest trailer of the Rainbow Six Siege DLC Velvet Shell teased the arrival of yet another operator in the first batch of 2017 content. Players are taken to an exotic resort in the town of Ibiza, Spain. They are also given access to Jackal and Mira, operators from a Spanish special forces unit.

This Rainbow Six Siege DLC brings Spain to the growing list of countries their updates explore. Other Operations had players explore various locales in countries such as Canada, Brazil and Japan. These DLCs also gave them access to operators based in these countries, each with special abilities.

Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Operator Mira

Ubisoft gave fans a sneak peek of Elena “Mira” Alvarez Del Manzan courtesy of a new trailer. The offensive partner of the defensive Jackal, Mira appears to be no pushover. She appears to be a demolitions expert of sorts. The Ubisoft website offers more information about her as well.

Her special ability allows her to place a large tool on reinforced walls. She expands the gadget and a large chunk of the wall is exploded onto the other side. According to Game Rant, the gadget appears to be inserting a piece of glass into the hole.

This can either be a one-way looking glass, or an immediate hole to fire on enemies with an instant cover. However, this ability does seem to divide the community as to just what kind of role she plays. If the hole is indeed a one-way glass, Mira can help see where opponents are hiding.

The ability can complement Jackal’s sonar ability. He has a special set of goggles that can track immediate footprints of enemies in the area. Whether or not they are both defensive characters or operators with flexible roles can only be determined by the time the DLC is released.

New DLCs, Releases

Velvet Shell is the first batch of downloadable content to be released this 2017. Ubisoft has not elaborated on the other DLCs to be released for the year. However, fans are well aware that they contain new maps and operators.

Players curious about Velvet Shell can stay tuned for a full reveal on February 5. The DLC will be released a couple of days later on February 7. Aside from the new map and operators, players can expect to see bug fixes as well.

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