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Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Velvet Shell Release Date, New Operators & More

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Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Velvet Shell Release Date, New Operators & More

Ubisoft has a lot in store for Rainbow Six fans in its Velvet Shell update. Rainbow Six Siege will be offering the update as the first in its 2017 slate. This downloadable content (DLC) pack will bring fans to Spain alongside two new operators.

Not a lot is known about the DLC so far. However, Rainbow Six Siege fans will know that the new operators will add a new level of depth in the game. This can deepen the playability of a lot of elements in the tactical shooter.

Fans of Rainbow Six Siege can expect newer updates on the way with new operators. This is the usual trend with the latest Rainbow titles and its steady stream of DLCs. Here is what we know about Velvet Shell so far.

Rainbow Six Siege: Velvet Shell Update

Ubisoft has finally revealed a release date for the Velvet Shell update. According to Game Rant, the latest update for the hit tactical shooter will arrive next week, February 7. This additionally comes with a free play weekend as well.

The new DLC will not only add two operators, but also a multiplayer map. This comes with various bug fixes and balance changes. According to a Ubisoft video, fans and newcomers can play the game for free this weekend, from February 2 to 5.

The new map will be called Coastline and is set on the Spanish town of Ibiza. It will be traversed by two new operators from the elite Spanish unit, the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (G.E.O.). The two have been called to guard the perimeter of a popular nightclub.

The first of the two operators has been revealed so far. Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar is known as Jackal, and has special tracking abilities. His sonar goggles allow him to see the footprints of enemy soldiers. However, not much is known about his partner yet.

Year 2 DLC

According to Game Spot, players have a high chance of getting a peek on the two operators in action in the upcoming Six International event. Ubisoft has yet to reveal details about the rest of its Year 2 DLC slate. However, it can be established that each DLC will come with a new map and brand new operators.

This adds Spain to the growing list of country-based operators in the game’s DLC. The addition of local operators for foreign maps has been a trend in recent Rainbow Six DLCs. The first expansion, Black Ice, added Canadian operators.

Ubisoft is known to have a few leaks on its updates. For instance, Ubisoft Mexico office accidentally leaked Black Ice details through promotional materials. The next leak was during Red Crow, when leaked video footage showed parts of the then-upcoming Skyscraper map.

The critically-acclaimed Rainbow Six title launched last December 2015. Its nature as a competitive shooter managed to attract a lot of players to its unique mechanics. The popularity of the game may have prompted it to release yet another year’s worth of content for fans.

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