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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Will Not Have New Modes – Here’s Why

Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Will Not Have New Modes – Here’s Why

Ubisoft has quite the surprising news for fans of its hit shooter. Rainbow Six Siege will not have new gameplay modes in future updates. However, gamers may like what they will replace the modes with.

Rainbow Six Siege, as it stands, has two primary gameplay formats, each with their own mechanics. Its player-versus-player Multiplayer has three game modes. Hostage forces players to extract hostages from a building, with another group preventing this from happening. Secure Area will have attackers locate and secure a room with a biohazard container. Lastly, Bomb will have players locate bombs and defuse them.

The Situations gameplay will have players familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game. These have objectives under certain difficulties that players have to accomplish. It is the latter Multiplayer format that gamers are more focused on.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operators Instead of Modes?

The rather “limited” number of options is a big contrast to other games. For instance, Titanfall 2 has nine modes and more on the way. However, Rainbow Six creative director Xavier Marquis seems content with the number of game modes available for the game. It seems this is a direction the game will not take for its second year as well.

Speaking with PC Gamer, brand director Alexander Remy explained the mentality behind this direction. He said the team wanted to keep core foundations to the game: attack versus defense, destruction, having one life and operators. It appears the latter, as in “operators,” will be a focus this year.

Remy did acknowledge that increasing the number of game modes made sense. However, they saw “so much depth” with operators and destruction. This means the newest updates for Rainbow Six‘s Year Two will have eight new operators and four new maps, across four seasonal updates. Interestingly, the “main” plan goes much more than that.

50 More Operators

The game currently has 28 operators, and 2017 has eight more along the way. However, Remy seems open to the idea of bringing 50 operators in the fray. Of course the concern here was that players may see the characters being the “same.”

Remy explained that this is not the case all the time. After all, Thermite was an option for teams simply because he was the only one who could breach into reinforced walls. Hibana, another operator who can do the same thing, gave players a choice. According to an IGN video, Velvet Shell’s Mira and Jackal offer even more ways to counter enemy strategies. Having 50 operators, then, can incorporate strategy in to the game.

This is an interesting take to the game, as Remy acknowledges this was his and Marquis’ vision for the game to be more like a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). After all, some MOBAs have multiple characters that still work with players.

Either way, players can only see if this strategy is effective once it is implemented. It is interesting to see a shooter with a strategy MOBA-like element implemented on it. Regardless, Year Two of the game is now off with an update set in Spain, with two new operators.

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