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Rakuen Game Release Date & News May See Early 2017 Launch

Rakuen Game
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Rakuen Game Release Date & News May See Early 2017 Launch

Despite the numerous interesting games available for download, gamers still hunger for more and are anticipating the arrival of new titles. The Rakuen game is one of the highly anticipated titles that is gaining attention from gamers worldwide.

The game is designed by Laura Shigihara and it has been in development for four years. Shigihara is behind the fun song in Plants Vs. Zombies and dubbed the singing voice of the Sunflower. This time, she didn’t just compose tracks for the game but she also did the design, characters, story and programming.

Rakuen Game Story

The main story of the game focuses on a young boy who is confined to the hospital bed. He enters the world of fantasy based on the bedtime stories of his mother. While doing that, he gets to know the people in the hospital and he helps them settle the unfinished business in their lives.

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Another plot thread of the game is the adventure of the ill boy to a paradise called Rakuen. According to Destructoid, although everything in the island looked cute, there would be a dark turn as the game progresses.

A player will be solving mysteries and puzzles and will also explore dungeons. As a player does this, he will encounter touching situations and even build friendships. There are also humorous moments as the player goes along the way.

Rakuen Game Release Date

The game also features over 50 tracks that are composed, performed and produced by Shigihara. The soundtrack will be released on January 22. Those who are interested can even pre-order the 15 Rakuen official soundtrack for $5.

Aside from the tracks, the game is set for release early 2017 based on the Steam Power website. Fans are apparently excited since it will be released this year after four years of development. But as of this writing, no exact date has been revealed yet.

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