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Read Only Memories Game Enlists ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast For Voice Acting

Read Only Memories Game

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Read Only Memories Game Enlists ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast For Voice Acting

Once in a blue moon, a NES-esque game appears and blows everyone’s minds due to its quiet awesomeness. One of them is the pixelated, retro-adventure title called 2064: Read Only Memories game.

What Is The Read Only Memories Game?

The cyberpunk adventure of the Read Only Memories game follows the story of a struggling journalist who tries to solve a mystery with his robot pal. They are on a quest to find Hayden Webber, an artificial intelligence researcher who created the first sapient machine called Relationship Organizational Manager (ROM).

Together, they unravel the secrets of Neo-San Francisco. The quirky robot and the journalist encounter a colorful set of characters in the Read Only Memories game. Gamers will be taken into a puzzle-solving adventures, and strategy in this retro-style title. 2064: Read Only Memories is inspired by Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father and Snatcher. Furthermore, this point and click game is alive with a rich narrative and unique gameplay.

Voice Actors Include The Walking Dead Stars

Meanwhile, the game enlisted stars to do voicework for the game. This includes voices from Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Jim Sterling, Todd Bridges and Melissa Hutchinson. In addition, also in the roster is World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.’s (WWE) superstar Xavier Woods (Austin Creed) among others. Even more, the game features an event titled Endless Christmas. The event is an opportunity to rub shoulders with other locals in Neo-San Francisco.

Featuring 10 hours of gameplay challenges, dialogue, and exploration, players will surely have a lot of fun. Expect new and improved puzzles, a deeper storyline, and new animation for the locals.

Read Only Memories Development

Funded by Kickstarter in 2013, developer MidBoss was keen on adding queer characters in the game. Founder Matt Conn stressed that instead of waiting for big name companies to include gay characters, they are doing it themselves. Furthermore, players can set personal pronouns to their characters. The game gives them a special pronoun set of he, her, they, xe, and ze.

Read Only Memories is now available on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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