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Reservoir Dogs Game Adapts Movie Into Co-Op Shooter – How It Works

Reservoir Dogs
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days | Reveal Video (YouTube/ @Big Games)

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Reservoir Dogs Game Adapts Movie Into Co-Op Shooter – How It Works

The new Reservoir Dogs video game has surprised many – in a good way. The game is based on a decades-old film and Bloody Days is a new game set for release this Spring 2017 with symmetry between the film and new game.

About a decade ago, Eidos released a video game adaptation of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs which didn’t quite click. Now, Big Star Games has taken a crack at it and looks to have exceeded expectations. Unlike its predecessor, Bloody Days isn’t a third-person shooter game. Players can switch between three of the Dogs through time rewind and flashbacks for better tactical strategy.

Reservoir Dogs Video Game Features

According to GameSpot, missions play out like a cooperative shooter. Players help themselves over a series of turns where each character attacks as you command.

Once you’re satisfied with the progress you’ve made (about 10 seconds) with one, hit the spacebar. You then rewind time and control the second character. At this time, the leader will play out your earlier commands as you battle with your new character. Once 10 seconds expire, you then control at third character while the first two replay your commands.

Once all trio’s time is up, all three would have acted simultaneously and you will once again begin with the leader to move around for as long as you’d like.

The flashbacks are not exactly turn-based gaming because aside from the time rewinds consume, players immediate need to move. Basically, there is no time to take a break from the action.

Reservoir Dogs: Everything You Need To Know

According to a published report by The Verge, each Dog is equipped with minor advantages like enhanced carrying capacity or slight health differences. Likewise, there is also a combo system you can capitalize on where two characters can shoot a target simultaneously.

The play is a top-down view game as opposed to sidescroller platform making it appear more strategic even in the presentation. The review went on to note that while the game looks and feels “like a small-scale indie game made by a small-scale indie team,” it’s actually fun.

GameInformer wrote that the isometric shooter game is inspired by Miami Hotline but with a twist. The game will launch on Steam and will be followed by an Xbox One version later this year.

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