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Resident Evil 7 Characters Lineup May Include Albert Wesker As Villain

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Resident Evil 7 Characters Lineup May Include Albert Wesker As Villain

Resident Evil 7 is one of, if not, the most awaited horror games next year. After four years of no new releases, an updated entry is finally going to drop. Apart from the amazing graphics and compelling gameplay, people are excited about the rumored return of frequent villain, Albert Wesker, as part of Resident Evil 7 characters.

Who is Albert Wesker?

Albert Wesker is a famous and frequent villain in the Resident Evil universe. Not only is he a video game regular but the character also appeared in four Resident Evil movies: Extinction, Afterlife, Retribution and The Final Chapter.

Wesker is, for the most part of the series, the main antagonist, even surpassing Oswell E. Spencer. He was part of the Umbrella Corporation where he was considered a promising researcher. He went undercover as the leader of S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City and an officer in the R.P.D.

He has big plans for himself and the human race. At some point, he wanted to transform the human race into powerful superhumans like himself. Beyond that, the character also gained superhuman abilities from a prototype virus.

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Albert Wesker is now technically dead in the Resident Evil universe. He burned and drowned in lava when he tried to attack agents Chris and Sheva in Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 7 Characters

Why is there a rumor that Wesker will be returning as part of the roster of Resident Evil 7 characters?

According to a report by Eurogamer, a code retrieved by Reddit dataminers from Resident Evil 7‘s Beginning Hour demo hinted the return of Albert Wesker. Since there is a mountain of data to go through, NeoGAF user Jawmuncher compiled the data into sections. There is one subsection that was focusing on all the mentions of the first name “Albert.”

Unless there is a new character named Albert, it could only be the recurring antagonist Wesker. There would not be any sense making another Albert since the name has practically been tied to the famous character already. It is no note, however, that there is a new “Albert” character that one file suggested. According to Gamerant, Eveline Albert is also part of the new Resident Evil 7 characters.

Below is the list gathered with “Albert” in it. Although the filenames could just be misleading, the return of Albert Wesker is not all that impossible. Yes, he is technically dead in the Resident Evil universe, but he still has superhuman abilities that may have something more to it.

  • HandGun_Albert_Reward
  • Shotgun_Albert
  • WeaponHandgunAlbertAppend
  • LastBossFinishGetGun
  • LastBossGetAlbert
  • AlbertInteract
  • AlbertGet
  • AlbertWeapon
  • AlbertDamageCount
  • isDamagedByAlbert

It is to be remembered that not everything in the demo will necessarily be included in the final game. Resident Evil 7 is scheduled to be released on January 24, 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One and PC.

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