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Resident Evil 7 Confirms Chris Redfield – Connections, Story Explored

Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 Confirms Chris Redfield – Connections, Story Explored

Lore enthusiasts of Resident Evil franchise may finally confirm a character’s involvement in Resident Evil 7. The game’s upcoming downloadable content (DLC) update will hopefully close the remaining gaps in the title’s story. Unfortunately, this can put the entire series’ timeline to contention.

Resident Evil 7 garnered positive reviews because of its “fresh” depiction of its parent franchise. The game deviates from the recent Resident Evil titles that emphasize action than “survival.” However, the recent entry puts these complaints to rest as it goes back to its “survival horror roots.”

A lot of fans were confused after the “revelation.” Capcom ensured that Resident Evil 7 was ambiguous before its launch. This is why its story remained too obscure until fans actually got to play it last Jan. 24.

Resident Evil 7: Redfield Conspiracy

Fans were undoubtedly surprised by the appearance of a particular “Redfield” in the game’s ending. Players only experienced the new title through the lens of Ethan, a regular civilian. The sheer absence of a

However, it appears some fans got a theory correct. This is courtesy of a Japanese Capcom blog post, which confirms the involvement of one of the classic “stars” in the Resident Evil franchise. It appears the Redfield in the ending of RE7 is in fact “the” Chris Redfield.

Eurogamer says this proves and disproves some fan theories. Players cannot be blamed if they doubt any connections between Redfield in RE7 from series protagonist Chris Redfield. After all, they have drastically different appearances. However, Capcom explained their goal was not to make “consistent” features, but instead a mere design choice. This ruins all theories that say the new title is a remake of some kind.

Interestingly, Capcom promises to solve this question with the Not A Hero DLC. The update follows Redfield’s “mission” in a separate story. According to Gematsu, this hopefully reveals Redfield’s true intentions in the plot.

Not A Hero DLC Release Date, News

The official Twitter account of the game confirms this “Redfield connection.” A tweet confirms the development of the Not A Hero DLC that expands on Chris Redfield’s role in the new title. Players can expect to find out more about his new history this Spring.

Fans initially thought RE7 was a remake because of its mysterious nature. Players go through the game in the first person. The enemies themselves are out to kill the protagonist Ethan, but they are not “zombies” in the Resident Evil sense. There is also a particular absence of weapons, meaning survival is an integral factor in the title.

In fact, avid fans only recognize very few Resident Evil elements. These include snippets of articles about locations in other games such as Raccoon City. Ethan also relies on herbs, a classic healing item from the franchise.

A lot of fans initially thought the game was not at all connected to the rest of the franchise’s universe. Players only established the faintest of connections when “Redfield” and the Umbrella Corporation logo appeared at the end of the story. In fact, some initially thought these are just Easter Eggs, like the aforementioned elements.

However, Chris Redfield’s involvement may drastically shift the story of the game. One may speculate that the title takes place a few years after the events of Resident Evil 6. This explains the possibility of a “reformed” Umbrella Corporation. The company may have also forced Chris into their ranks.

Unfortunately, Capcom did not reveal much about the update’s release date or its features. However, the publisher did promise to provide more details “soon.” Meanwhile, Resident Evil fans can play the game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.

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