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Resident Evil 7 Demo: How To Get ALL Endings

Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 Demo: How To Get ALL Endings

The Resident Evil 7 demo had several endings to offer, despite being only a demo. The demo could be considered a game of its own, as it is a standalone game that shows players what to expect in the upcoming Resident Evil game. So, some parts are expected not to make it to the actual final product.

The ‘True Ending’:

This is considered the true ending to the game. Similar to the very first Resident Evil game, there are a number of steps to be taken in order to achieve a specific ending.

  1. Make sure to activate the hidden lever in the fireplace.
  2. Place the fuse in the wall. The fuse could be acquired from the hidden compartment.
  3. Head to the attic. In order to access the attic, head upstairs and press the button with ‘stairs’ written on it to drop down the ladder leading into the attic.
  4. Enter the room in the attic. There should be a Basement Key located to the table on the left side.
  5. Return below and head to the right door. Open the gate at its end using the Basement Key.
  6. A monster would be lurking when you descend upon the basement. Warning: make sure that you won’t be hit by it in anyway! Its spawn location also depends upon your certain previous actions.
  7. Jack would try to prevent you from leaving. Ignore him and instead immediately head right for the attic key. The attic key is in the shelf.
  8. Quickly head back to the attic to escape! In case the monster gets in your way, try using the body bags to knock it off.
  9. Congratulations for acquiring the true ending for the Resident Evil 7 demo! Sit back and enjoy!

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Alternative Endings:

  1. Phone Call Ending – Same procedure as 1, 2, and 3 for the true ending. This time however, when you head into the room, answer the phone call, and leave immediately afterwards. According to the Game Rant website, it is possible to hear a different phone call. This time try to acquire the key before doing the above procedure.
  2. Back Door Ending – From the start of the game, head to the kitchen leading to the other side of the house. Continue until you find a corpse and take the bolt cutters from it. Head back to the corridor with the locked wardrobe and open it. Grab the video tape and play it on the TV with the video player. An event would be triggered, and from there it’s pretty linear. Grab the back door key along the way. There are also screenshots detailing the steps at the Games Radar site.

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