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Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer Revealed: Watch 3 New Gameplay Videos Here

Resident Evil 7 Demo
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Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer Revealed: Watch 3 New Gameplay Videos Here

The Resident Evil 7 Demo is going to be updated again as Capcom released videos for the incoming updates. This time giving the players an even closer glimpse of what to expect in the actual version of the game.

The demo for the Resident Evil 7 game could be considered a game of its own, as it is uncertain what would really make it to the actual game. The trailer is also gaining more and more semblance to the classic Resident Evil games. While it has returned to its true survival horror roots, a lot of game mechanics seem to be diverging from the overall series. However, this concern appears to have been addressed now.

Video 1: Jack Baker

The player explores the dilapidated house, trying to find a way to escape. Along the way, he was stopped by Jack Baker and started chasing him around with a shovel, smashing some things along the way. Jack Baker breaking out of the wall resembles how the T-00 broke the wall in Resident Evil 2, giving a further sense of nostalgia.

It appears that only enemies could also wreck some of the furniture in the background. The video ends with an exploding car and a walking, burning Jack Baker grabs the player. Even the way Jack Baker flinches when shot gives out more classic Resident Evil vibes.

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Video 2: The Molded

The haunted mansion is further explored and showcased this time around with the lack of hostiles. In one part, the creepy Aunt Rhody could be seen sitting in the background.

Things had started to get hairy when the player reaches the basement, only to be attacked by a group of creatures called the Molded. The Molded bears some sort of resemblance from the Ooze from Resident Evil: Revelations.

So far, only members of the Baker family, along with the Molded are the confirmed enemies of the game. The haunted mansion also turns out to have a dungeon area.

Video 3: Bugs

It appears as a member of the Baker family could take control of insects and use it to attack the player. More classic Resident Evil resemblances in the form of a giant cocoon in a room. Similar to the giant moth in the second game, and the web spinners in the older titles.

The outside area of the hellish home was also explored this time around.

As posted on the Game Reactor website, the inventory system appears to have become more reminiscent of the classic ones when they were able to play the demo in advance.

According to the VG 24/7 website, the Resident Evil 7 Demo would be out for the PC by December 19.

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