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Resident Evil 7 DLC: Banned Footage Vol. 2 Adds New Game Modes

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Resident Evil 7 DLC: Banned Footage Vol. 2 Adds New Game Modes

Capcom’s recent release of Resident Evil 7 has already included two new DLCs (downloadable content) for the game. The first DLC featured three new game modes: The Nightmare Mode, the Bedroom, and Ethan Must Die. Meanwhile, the latest DLC called Banned Footage Vol. 2 includes 21 and Daughters.

The first game mode, 21, puts the player, Clancy, against Hoffman in a game of Blackjack. Instead of wagering money, Lucas forced both of them to bet their fingers. The bets gradually increase as the game progresses and once Hoffman loses all his fingers, the bet changes.

Aside from the ordinary Blackjack cards, Lucas has added Trump cards in the game which can affect the cards played by both players. The goal of the game is simple: players will be given two cards at the beginning and they will be asked if they want to stick with those cards or draw another one.

Once both players are satisfied with their cards, Lucas will determine who the winner is by revealing the total value of the cards of each player. The one closer to 21 will be declared the winner but he must not exceed the given number. Meanwhile, the loser loses his finger or fingers depending on the bet given.

If all of Clancy’s fingers have been decapitated, he will die and it is game over for the player. Meanwhile, if Hoffman loses all his fingers, the game progresses with a different bet. Lucas will then change the wager to electrocution, with the number of voltage as the bets.

Lucas Forces Clancy to Play Against Him

If the player wins the electrocution round, Hoffman will die and Lucas would interfere, demanding for another game. The sadistic man will “take control” of the dead Hoffman and force Clancy to keep on playing.

The final round will consist of the saw that would go near towards the losing player’s head. With the last hands, Lucas will cheat with the Desperation card disabling Clancy’s ability to draw and increasing the bet to 100. In Eurogamer’s guide, the protagonist can still win by playing the “Love Your Enemy Card” obtained earlier.

Resident Evil 7 DLC Allows Players to Play as Zoe

According to COGConnected, the second game mode for the Resident Evil 7 DLC shows the origins on how Eveline infected the Baker Family. The player has to control Zoe and discover the events leading to the main story of the game.

Capcom included two different endings for the game mode: the true ending and the bad ending. Alongside the aforementioned game modes, developers have also included Jacks’ 55th Birthday as an extra game mode where players have to feed Jack on his birthday.

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