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Resident Evil 7 DLC Guide: How To Play Banned Footage Vol. 1

Resident Evil 7 DLC


Resident Evil 7 DLC Guide: How To Play Banned Footage Vol. 1

The Resident Evil 7 DLC (downloadable content) titled Banned Footage Vol. 1 comes out January 31. It is the first piece of DLC for the game, full of great new things that players can explore. In Banned Footage Vol. 1, players get a new story starring Clancy from the Resident Evil 7 demo, a new gameplay mode, and a new mission to survive the night in the Baker Estate. This post will show gamers how to start playing the Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 1. DLC.

How to Download RE7 Banned Footage DLC

On January 31, the Resident Evil 7 DLC Banned Footage Vol. 1 will be available on the PlayStation Network for those who purchased the game on PlayStation 4. The Season Pass includes content that will be available on the PlayStation Store under Resident Evil 7’s listing. Gamers can buy the Season Pass for $29.99, or purchase the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC separately for $9.99.

For Resident Evil 7 DLC on Xbox One or PC players, they need to wait until February 21 to play Banned Footage Vol. 1. The update process will be the same on Xbox One, and on PC. Steam will likely install the DLC for gamers automatically. The DLC is 1.4 GB for PlayStation 4 and might be around the same size on PC and Xbox One.

How to Play Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 1

The Resident Evil 7 DLC won’t be seen by playing through the main game. Instead, a new option called “Extra Content” will pop out in the menu between the options “Load Game,” and “More.” Just select Extra Content, and choose between Banned Footage and Ethan Must Die.

The Banned Footage menu contains two video tapes which allow gamers to play two new scenarios. Nightmare is a horde mode where they must survive the night in the Baker Main House basement. They’ll be able to collect Scrap from Compactors that generate it as time goes on. Now, they can then use the Scrap to buy weapons, items, and ammo to continue fighting the Molded. They can also spend the Scrap to build traps to help avoid enemies.

The second scenario in Banned Footage is Bedroom. Bedroom is a canon story DLC which includes Clancy Javis’ successful escape from Marguerite after the Resident Evil 7 Twilight Demo. Instead of being action-packed, Bedroom shows a devious puzzle that players must figure out to escape.

The new gameplay mode, Ethan Must Die, is for those who thought Madhouse Mode was easy. They must escape the Baker House, which has been filled with traps, enemies, and randomized items. In addition, Ethan has much lower health, and it takes little to nothing to kill the character.

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