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Resident Evil 7 DLC Guide To Surviving Nightmare Mode

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 DLC Guide To Surviving Nightmare Mode

Here’s a guide on how to survive the newest downloadable content (DLC) called Nightmare. It is the newest DLC released for Capcom’s Resident Evil 7.

All About Nightmare

Survive until 5:00 in the morning by defeating all enemies in Resident Evil 7. This can be done through a wide variety of weapons and traps. Resources are a little limited, and proper management of the tools is very important. It can quickly become frustrating for players if they don’t keep track of everything going on.

Compactors Are The Key To Success

This mode uses a currency called Scraps in Resident Evil 7. It can be used to purchase items and upgrades from the workbench. Furthermore, players will be rewarded with a handful of Scraps throughout the night based on their performance.

Players can also collect Scraps from a set of compactors lying around the basement. In addition, each of these compactors must be activated to start producing Scraps which players can gather. Each compactor has a maximum holding capacity of 1,000 Scraps. Players have to run around and get items to make sure no Scraps go to waste.

Compactors have a few upgrades which drastically improve output that will entice players to make investments as soon as they possibly can. Whenever they start up a round of Nightmare in RE 7, they should turn on every available compactor and spend Scrap on Corrosives to open the hidden rooms with other compactors.

The more resources they purchase ammunition with, the better, and compactors are crucial to keeping that pile of Scraps tall.

Death And Nightmare

At the end of every Nightmare, players will be awarded a score based on their remaining Scrap, the enemies they have managed to eliminate, and how long they can survive. Furthermore, this score will then be added to an equivalent score for them altogether, which in true Resident Evil 7 fashion, unravels various items for the player the next time they open the game. These include bonuses for their character, such as medical supplies and Scrap, or environmental hazards and traps which they can use to their advantage.

These great bonuses make the base Nightmare mode a hundred times easier. This is because players waste less Scrap trying to get a standard set of supplies. Even though they make it through the night on their first few attempts, they shouldn’t be discouraged from giving it a go because of the new and awesome rewards.

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